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Nathan Morrison
We've just been updates to V10 and found our glorious 27" screens wasted as all our information is scrunched to the left of the screen.  Where we could see full email and address details these are now truncated.   This is a very perplexing design decision.

Manisha narwade
Hi All,   I was trying example given in Your First Integration in 60 Minutes | Sugar Integrate  . I was trying to syn data between "Salesforce Sales" and "Sugar Enterprise". For this i followed below steps   1. Created trial version account on and Sugar Free
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Rich Green
Sugar 10.0.1 is now available for download to all on-site customers.   This update addresses issues identified in the Sugar 10.0 release including a blank space improperly appearing in the module's record view in place of any dependent fields that are hidden in the layout. Please review the release notes pertaining to your version of Sugar