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Announcement 1 Unplanned partial Community outage
Announcement:Unplanned partial Community outage

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You already use teams and roles to control what your users can see and do in Sugar, but did you know that Admins have a complete toolkit of options available to control who's using your Sugar instance in the first place?   It's simple to add multiple layers of security to your Sugar instance by leveraging the following

Matt Marum
The Sugar Winter '18 release is fast approaching! Hopefully you are as excited about the new Sugar UX as I am!   As usual, Lauren Schaefer and I will be hosting a developer webinar to help get you and your customers prepared for the new Winter '18 (7.11) release. Please read below to learn more about the agenda and do not forget to register!
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John Kostenbader
Just beginning my learning curve with Business Processes. Currently I have a need to remind assigned users in the Cases module if it has not been touched in "x" days (modified date is > 2 weeks or similar). When I start designing this using the Start process it seems the only way you can trigger this would be to edit a record or create a new
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Indrajeet Latthe
I've tried various ways for adding email type field to Cases module but unfortunately  it goes to waste. So I've email_c text field for Case module and of course it's not getting pre-populated whenever I launch Email Compose drawer from subpanel of a Case. And as they've introduces major changes in Emails module library it's kinda hard to