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Groupe Sugar
Hello,   Accordingly to Sugar 7.8 Technical Overview, I am trying to extend the advanced workflow by followingthe exemple given (Capitallize action ). The goal is to capitallize every fields of the bean given.     I created 3 files : My JSGrouping located in : custom\Extension\application\Ext\JSGroupings\capitalize_action.phpMy

Paul Burton
On creating new user, I get the following error message pop up Cannot send password System is unable to process your request. Please check: -SMTP Server URL and Port -SMTP Username and SMTP Password -Recipient Email Address -Your server status   I have email settings set up correctly, I am able to send a test email so not sure why I am
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Alex Nassi
We are pleased to announce that version 7.8 is now available for all commercial editions!   This release will significantly benefit customers running all commercial editions with following updates: Calls and meetings now have expanded types of recurrence available, especially concerning monthly recurrences. Users will now be alerted of