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Philippa Grover
Is anyone else struggling to get their head around GDPR erasure requests?   Say someone requests to be erased from your systems. You follow the new legislation, process their request, and delete their data.   You then obtain a new database (either from a marketing tool, or via a third party), and import the data into your system. But,

Arindam Ghosh
i want to add .. name, number , description parameter is every response..either invalid login or valid it possible.? now in the case of valid login those parameter are not come.. i want to customize rest api json response with adding those parameters(name,number,description) {    "name": "Invalid Login",   
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Brian Curran
In Accounts, I have a Type called "Alarm Company" which is what we will choose when entering alarm company details into Sugar. (ADT, Chubb etc.)   I created a module called Sites and would like to have a drop down field that lists the names of the Alarm Companies in Accounts.   I think this would be called a dynamc list,