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Vaughn Okerlund
Hello,   I'm currently using the rest API (V11_1) and Sugar 8.2 to try and pull Leads records from my Sugar instance. In most instances this works correctly, and all 1,754 of the leads in the instance are returned. However, when I make a request that includes the fields "accept_status_meetings" and "accept_status_calls" in it,
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Rich Green
Sugar Winter '19 is now live and available for all customers hosted in the Sugar Cloud environment. Winter '19 is the next step in our core Sugar Cloud updates (New Sugar Release Process), providing accelerated delivery of new innovations for Cloud customers, as well as heightened levels of predictability for Sugar updates.   Sugar
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Lyle  Hookom
Previously importing Accounts, Contacts, etc would show at the end of the import a screen showing how many records were successfully imported and how many failed. There  was also an option to discard the results. If you discarded the results none of the records would be saved. This was a very nice feature for importing.   Since we did a