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Announcement 1 Known search issues affecting SugarCRM Community
Announcement:Known search issues affecting SugarCRM Community

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Kristjan Mathiesen
Hey good folks!   Scenari: Case is created from an email from client. It happens to also include a sales opportunity.   Best way to "convert" (well, actually create an Opportunity from the case and copy the email over to that Opportunity) it to an Opportunity without too much/any coding?   Workflows depend on criteria but in this
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Tim Giles
I can't get the Outlook Plugin V 2.4.3 to Sync calendar appointments with Outlook from Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus v 1803 (build 9126.2116) on my PC. It used to work just fine but doesn't any longer.  My emails still sync but calendar appointments don't.  Instead I get the following error message:   I've tried to load the