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Robert McAnally
I have seen articles on Report schedules to run on the end of a month, but no articles about specific Due Dates at the end on the month.

Eron Tancioco
Hi,   I created a 1:M(one-to-many) circular relationship in Locations module. This generated a relate field and a subpanel.   The issue is that the subpanel doesn't have any links in its records:   Any ideas or fixes for this?    Thanks, Eron Tancioco
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Kenneth Brill
OK, its time to bring this question up again.  Is there ever going to be a way to delete files from an onDemand (or whatever it is called now) instance?  I have alot of customers with fairly dirty directory trees because there is no way that I know of to delete a file other than uninstalling a module which is almost never an option.
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Kath Saba
Hi,   I have looked in the forum and only found an older post about whether sugar has the ability to bundle together products. So for example one single product would consists of other products.   An Example   Bundle Product Coffee Machine $1000.00 Consists of: Espresso Machine $800.00 Milk Jug $50.00 Espresso Cups $50.00