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Hussain Nasir
Overview Marketing has evolved significantly over the years and has become more complex and perplexing than ever. Consumers are now using multiple media platforms to gather data and stay up-to-date, making life difficult for marketers. However, with marketing automation in CRM, a business can streamline and optimize a variety of marketing
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Jeroen Somhorst
I am currently trying to get functionality developed on Sugarcrm 6.7 working on Sugarcrm 7.1.5. I am using an after_ui_frame logic hook to trigger a function in a custom class which is currently located in custom/includes. In this function I use the global $current_user to check whether the user is still logged in (check whether the user_hash is
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Karen Valle
Hi everyone,   My understanding for ReadOnly dependency is that a field can become read only when the value is true. I've written a ReadOnly dependency but when I run a QRR, my system stalls. Is something wrong with my code?   "lock record" is a checkbox   <?php  
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Francesca Shiekh
I am finding duplicates in the accounts_contacts table, these are created at different times with identical account_id-contact_id combination, one with primary_account = 1 and one with primary_account = 0.   Has anyone seen this occur in stock SugarCRM? What sets the relationship as primary_account and can anyone take an educated guess as