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Announcement 1 Planned Maintenance to Login System - May 18-19th
Announcement:Planned Maintenance to Login System - May 18-19th

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Ivica Nedeljkovic
Are there any plans about adding additional logic hooks? For example we would like to trigger some custom actions when user view record details page, search for record or run report to mention just few. I know we can do this with custom controllers(and maybe even using custom javascript is sidecar calling custom rest apis), but it would be great

David Jakelic
OK, I understand that the capability of extracting attached documents from an archived email might be a reasonable feature. However, it doesn't make sense if all attachments (plus all embedded images, including signatures and logos) are always extracted, which results in an exploding number of Note records (and redundant data). Especially if you
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micki micki
Beginner question (7.2.2). I have a custom module and I have extended my create-actions.js to add population of a field via a call to the sugar API. I can get the field to populate by running the API call and setting the model in bindDataChange. Everything works great. I want to be able to do similar when editing a record so I have tried to extend
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Rich Green
SugarCRM has released version for all editions. The release is available for download to on-site customers and has automatically been applied to 7.9 customers in the Sugar cloud environment. This latest release addresses issues identified in prior releases of Sugar and includes important security updates. At SugarCRM,