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Huzayfah Bukhat
Hi there,   I was wondering if there is a way of setting a currency for the account which every order/quote is always prepared in. For example, if the customer is a European account then they will always have their orders and invoices in Euro's all the time. Sometimes the finance team forget to change the currency of the order into the

Zlatyslava Topchyi
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Tom Noel
I'm wondering if it's possible to create a custom date filter.  As you see in the screenshot date filters come with several options.  I would like to add a couple options such as "Last Month" or "Last xx days" as premade options.  Has anyone done this before?     Thanks, Tom Noel
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Jeff James
I have accumulated hundreds of Task that have Priority High, Medium, Low. I want to be able to view only my "High" level task. I used to be able to do it in older versions but in 9.1.0 Professional I am unable to add a "Priority" to a Filter.   Is this a feature that will be coming or is there another way to be able to view my "High" levels