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Kedar Gawande
We want to customise thr Encrypt field in a custom module in the the front end by masking the plaintext password.   Which sidecar field type should I extend and customise?   There's no field type called encrypt in sidecar fields.

Anoop Antony
Hi,  I'm trying the install a back up of Sugar Professional 9.3.0 on a Local Development instance .  Unfortunately this is an "On-demand" only version  and the stand alone version server requirement is not released. Also, The server requirements are not specified for this version.   I tried installing in a server that
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Greg Barrass
We have a business process that requires the assigned user's manager to be assigned a task to carry out some required actions. We cannot see how this can be achieved within the Business Process Definition.   However, it is possible to construct an Email Template with the assigned user's manager in the email address fields. But it is not