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Maulik Shah
The first-ever survey was a census conducted in 3800 BCE in the city of Babylon. We’ve come a long way since then. Surveys give us measurable statistics of public opinion which would otherwise be difficult to make sense of. As business practices become more and more customer-centric, surveys become integral parts of decision-making. Online

Alex Nassi
SugarCRM Inc.®, the company that helps organizations build better business relationships, today announced that it has acquired the Collabspot email integration products from Collabspot Pte Ltd. These tools provide improved integration with email, taking another step towards SugarCRM’s vision to deliver the most intuitive and
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Emily Adams
I'd like to find a way to change the Date Modified on an (opportunity/organization/client contact, etc.) record when an associated activity (specifically: call, note, meeting, task) is added and tied back to the (opportunity/organization/client contact).  Is this feasible?    This would help with reporting - i.e. tracking stagnant
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Tyler Martin
I'm trying to link an image in an email template from ImageShack. The size of the image is 1496x3758. When I import the image, I put those dimensions into the link image box where the URL is pasted.    Regardless of the dimensions entered, upon saving the Email Template, the image is resized to 1200x1200. Is there a way to work around