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Announcement 1 Announcing SugarClub - Are you in? 

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Vladimir Francesko
What I'm I doing wrong? I am using sugar 8.0.2 from config_override.php   $sugar_config['upload_wrapper_class'] = 'SugarUploadS3'; $sugar_config['aws']['aws_key'] = 's3created'; $sugar_config['aws']['aws_secret'] = 's3created'; $sugar_config['aws']['upload_bucket'] = 'public bucket';

Alex Nassi
In two weeks, we’re thrilled to personally invite you to the SugarClub. Come join fellow Sugar enthusiasts to Engage, Learn, and Explore as part of one elite team. The Club, which will replace the existing Community, will be customers one-stop-shop for all things Sugar. As valued Community members, we are so excited to welcome you to this