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Hussain Nasir
  RT QuickBooks is all about relishing the power of QuickBooks accounting in Sugar.  From generating invoice to managing payrolls, RT QuickBooks simplifies all your accounting and management needs. RT QuickBooks allows CRM users to obtain a unified view of their QuickBooks customers in Sugar. With its sync on-demand feature,

Zlatyslava Topchyi
Time is money. We cannot buy, rent or steal time, but TimeLine Viewer enables an X-ray Vision and helps Sugar users significantly reduce time on mining modules, reports, records and subpanels. Out-of-the-box TimeLine Viewer collects dozens all-important events and makes them available at the end of your fingertips through special TimeLine
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Neil Hutchinson
Hi All, hope someone can help. I know the Sugar Reports Module pretty well but I have a real head scratcher with generating one report. The Report I need relates to Targets and I need to see All Targets, assigned to any user, where NO HELD CALL has been made in 3 months. It sounds straightforward enough but the filters don't seem to allow for it.
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Tuan Anh Khuc
Hi everyone,   We got error on REST api v4. It blocks us to get data from sugar database. We are using SugarCRM Version (Build 9) Strict Standards: Declaration of SugarWebServiceImplv3_1::get_entry_list() should be compatible with SugarWebServiceImpl::get_entry_list($session, $module_name, $query, $order_by, $offset,