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Michael Shaheen
Sugar Integrate makes integrating with (or migrating data between) systems so much easier than doing it manually through code. Even with this incredible IPaaS, however, some integrations can still feel daunting. So, the Sugar Integrate team has begun identifying some common integration and migration use cases that we think make sense to templatize

Asaf Army
I'm using the Community Edition of Sugarcrm.   I want to present a yes/no popup, when the user push "Save" button on creating a new contact. For doing that i need to somehow call a javascript function/file when the button "Save" is pushed on the editview. if the user push "yes" continue with the save. if user push "no" cancel the save.  
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Bob Bundy
Hello - We're converting data in the Sugar Cases module. Rather than try convert all the detailed messages back and forth between us and a customer on a single case, we're going to create a PDF of all the activity from the legacy system.   Then we'd like to IMPORT the Case information - and then import a PDF for each one into a
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Bob Bundy
Hello - I'm trying to adjust the layout of the Email module.  The Contact link is on the "Show more" tab and I want to move it to the top of the layout so the user can just click on the contact rather than know they need to click "Show more" and THEN click the contact.   However, the Email module is not in Studio and the other Email