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Joe Carter
Hi   I have a url field that goes to an external page to create a pdf, couldn't find a way to create the complicated pdf inside SugarCRM.   Is there a way to convert this link to button so it looks more user friendly?

Tom Noel
I have a filter that is searching on a custom module using a selected account_id as a filter.  However I am getting different results based on if I used filter_populate vs filter_relate.  If I pass an account id via the filter_populate I receive the correct filter parameters in the request, but if I use filter_relate it adds [$in][] to
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Casey Henry
I am trying to create a formula with Sugar logic that adds up fields ONLY if a checkbox is checked. I haven't been able to find what a checked versus an unchecked variable looks like in a formula. I tried "true" for checked and below "1" represents check. However, the formula below is still just adding up everything, regardless of the checkbox.