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Robert Sinclair
Hello Company has projects each of which have their own accounts, opportunities and contacts. Each project is self contained. So if I'm working in project (A), I don't need to see any elements from project (B). I'm not sure how to achieve this. Separate sugarCRM install per project?

jasond jasond
I would like to create a field that executive level management has visibility to but others do not.  In some cases, I would like it so different levels of management can't see certain fields as well.  Is this possible?
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Noor Diya
Hi, All:   I am attempting open a .wav file for streaming (as opposed to downloading locally). In the IE browser, the windows player opens and plays the file correctly.  However, in Chrome, a new browser tab with the embedded player opens but, file does not load and does not play.   I made the following changes to the