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Sugar Blogs
Mark Weitzel
As awesome as Sugar is--and it's awesome--it never stands alone. Because we can deliver a holistic view of the customer, Sugar becomes the hub of a front office. To build that 360 degree view of the customer, you need to integrate multiple systems together. As everyone knows, integration is much easier on the white board than in practice. There
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Alex Nassi
We are pleased to announce that version 7.8 is now available for all commercial editions!   This release will significantly benefit customers running all commercial editions with following updates: Calls and meetings now have expanded types of recurrence available, especially concerning monthly recurrences. Users will now be alerted of
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Vladimir Tykvach
Hello! I have some technical issue. Please help me resolve my problem. I got refresh token via API. But in some period it becames invalid (less then 24 hours). But when I got it "expiries_refresh" was 1209600. Can you tell me all possible reasons for this? Maybe it's some individual settings have CRM. Because I use custom value for 'platform'