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Chris Brooks
OK, so again Sugar does not support the version of outlook installed from our 365 accounts, outlook 2016. I was told that my case was added to the Feature Request list, really? You are just not thinking about this? Yet another reason we will be moving away from our Professional license at some point.   Ok, sorry about the rant.........

I a using sugarcrm 6.5 and I added a new integer field. My field name is Age. When I valid my form, I got this error:    Age value 3 is not within the valid range (0 - false)   Any idea:
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Paul Burton
On creating new user, I get the following error message pop up Cannot send password System is unable to process your request. Please check: -SMTP Server URL and Port -SMTP Username and SMTP Password -Recipient Email Address -Your server status   I have email settings set up correctly, I am able to send a test email so not sure why I am
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Clint Oram
As we come up on the ten year anniversary of SugarCRM, I want to reflect on some of the great achievements made by the users, customers, partners, employees and the community as a whole around SugarCRM.  We have created a movement that has radically changed the world of customer relationship management, propelling SugarCRM to being one of the