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Joe Carter
Hi   I have a url field that goes to an external page to create a pdf, couldn't find a way to create the complicated pdf inside SugarCRM.   Is there a way to convert this link to button so it looks more user friendly?

Jeff C
I'm a coder but new to SugarCRM.  I'm learning my way around the folder scructure and understand how the customer fields and views work.  I now have the need for a more in-depth modification, a small one, but one that can't be done via Studio. In the Documents Subpanel, it lists the filename for files that have been uploaded.  If
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Karen Valle
Hi everyone,   My understanding for ReadOnly dependency is that a field can become read only when the value is true. I've written a ReadOnly dependency but when I run a QRR, my system stalls. Is something wrong with my code?   "lock record" is a checkbox   <?php