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Sarah Friedlander Garcia
What is Onboarding?Onboarding is the process of welcoming new customers, making sure their questions or issues are addressed, and offering new products and services as the needs become apparent. From welcome calls to user groups to training sessions, onboarding can take many forms, depending on the business. The process is widely regarded as a

Priya Bagga
If staff turnover is kryptonite to your sales and business development, TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics for Sugar is just the secret weapon you need to save customer relationships!  Even when sales reps leave suddenly, TrustSphere’s Transition Report immediately addresses potential turbulence in your customers’
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noromamai noromamai
Hi, I am a new user to SugarCRM (6.5.20 CE) but am fairly satisfied. I need to implement Teams so only a specific team can see the contacts and leads associated with them (and prevent other teams from stealing leads/contacts). I found the Security Suite module but can not afford it at the moment, nor can we pay with paypal of CC. From what i have