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Announcement 1 Known search issues affecting SugarCRM Community
Announcement:Known search issues affecting SugarCRM Community

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Jeroen Somhorst
I'm currently in the proces of doing an upgrade van 7.6 to 7.9.3 and almost all things seem to be working ( with a little bit of development here and there). One of the things that I still cant seem to migrate is the method for adding case line items in the create view of the case module.    In 7.6 we have added a 'simple'
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Kristjan Mathiesen
Hey good folks!   Scenari: Case is created from an email from client. It happens to also include a sales opportunity.   Best way to "convert" (well, actually create an Opportunity from the case and copy the email over to that Opportunity) it to an Opportunity without too much/any coding?   Workflows depend on criteria but in this