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Kai Opitz
Hi,   we are trying to enhance the Task module with some custom fields to enrich the information for users and to set some fields in the Task on Approval / Reject from a SugarBPM process.   Therefore, we added some custom fields - which are also displayed in an Action for value changes. However, a field ("Approved By"), which is based

Robert White
account_description is a standard field in lead, but this field is not in the company module - need it to be to help facilitate converted lead info.
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Rob Morin
Hello...   We have a consultant that's wants a copy of our SugarCRM DB to help us with some customization/updating, however, my manager wants me to delete all customer data, so they cannot see any of our sensitive clients info.   How can I go about doing this? MySQL command? We are using an old version of SugarCRM community,