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Announcement 1 The NEW Connect Anywhere Space Launches in Response to COVID-19

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Joe Carter
Hi   I have a dropdown in Leads module that when it converts I want a dropdown value from Leads to be a text value in Contacts, so it's not editable I thought I would be able to use a calculated field in Leads that could copy the value to the Contact using the code below   

Hello,   I want to improved the Contact subpanel for the account's module, by including an additionnal CSS property to highlight contact that do not "work" anymore for the account, ie the contacts marked as not primary in the relationship accounts_contacts table. But I don't know how to access this property from my model...   In my
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Zlatyslava Topchyi
According to Forrester's research, a single source of truth about the customers is essential to provide a seamless customer experience for 80% of companies. 43% stated that its creation across the complex IT-landscape is their top CX challenge.   You will find out how to quickly and effectively address this challenge with the ready-to-use