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Can someone please assist on how to setup a workflow that notifies specific users / team when an Account name is modified, and the notification lists both former and current Account Names?  We've begun using a separate software license mgmt tool (not integrated w/Sugar) and will manually need to record these changes for now.   

Grant Christensen
Sugar Professional 7.2.  I would like to have a custom date field in the opportunity "pipeline_updated_c" be set to today when the user changes the value of the "Sales_Stage" in the opportunity.  This will allow me to know when the sales stage was last updated for reporting. So for example on a new opportunity, I set the sales_stage to
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Alex Nassi
Discussions allow you to ask a question to find a specific solution or start a conversation to get feedback or make decisions.  Members of your community can contribute by posting replies.   To start a discussion: Click Create > Discussion, or if you are already in a group, space, or project, click Create a Discussion from the
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Alex Nassi
Use blog posts to express ideas or opinions and get community feedback. Blogs are a great way to pitch ideas that could impact the team or organization because people can comment on them. Blogs can be personal, or associated with a space, project, or group.   To create a blog post: Click Create > Blog Post. Enter a title for your post,