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Joe Carter
Hi   I have a url field that goes to an external page to create a pdf, couldn't find a way to create the complicated pdf inside SugarCRM.   Is there a way to convert this link to button so it looks more user friendly?

Atif  Hussain
SugarCRM Version: Enterprise (Trial Account)   I have built a custom module in BWC Mode. It is working fine on my local servers. But don't show any thing for custom actions on trial account. No errors on the page.  Shows Internal server error 500 in console for index.php.    How can I debug or solve this issue? 
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Hi everyone, did someone had already managed the creation of custom relationships between Tag and bwc modules (like reports, documents, campaigns)? I' ve added some custom code in order to create custom fields and the logic to manage tags on edit and record view, but i still can't use tags as a filter options available in "list view"