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Announcement 1 Portal authentication changes - December 15th, 2018

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Alfred Villena
I have a custom module let's call it Custom A, Custom A is related to Accounts and has it(Custom A) on it's(Accounts) sub panel. 1. How can I have an editable drop down on Custom A when it's being used as a sub panel on Accounts? 2. How can I relate the value of each drop down to a specific Account?     Trying to achieve

Cecilia Hanson
Looking at the file ./clients/base/filters/operators/operators.php the following filter options are available for date type fields:   'date' => array( '$equals' => 'LBL_OPERATOR_EQUALS', '$lt' => 'LBL_OPERATOR_BEFORE', '$gt' => 'LBL_OPERATOR_AFTER', 'yesterday' => 'LBL_OPERATOR_YESTERDAY', 'today' =>