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Philippa Grover
Is anyone else struggling to get their head around GDPR erasure requests?   Say someone requests to be erased from your systems. You follow the new legislation, process their request, and delete their data.   You then obtain a new database (either from a marketing tool, or via a third party), and import the data into your system. But,

Michael Jones
I've created a dashlet that iframes a one-week calendar view, but it's about 1/3 of the height it needs to be in order to see all of the times on each day. I see it's possible to increase the size of a dashlet on the home page, but this doesn't seem to address my problem with a side context dashlet. It seems like it might be possible using some
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Brian Curran
Hi, I've been running a few tests to find the best way to import data from FileMaker to Sugar and have run into a problem with the Address fields in each module. I have searched the community pages on here but there only seems to be one main post that dates back to 2014 and it relates to the on-site server version of Sugar I think...