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Zlatyslava Topchyi
Especially useful for: Everyone who is still selecting a CRM system Sugar users who want to make their work more efficient Sugar evangelists Why it's worth attending: User Adoption is the key to return on investment in the CRM. You can easily disrupt the status quo in work with CRM data and increase User Adoption no matter how complex CRM data

Kenneth Brill
If I have something like this in my record.js, the module is Notes{      layout: 'create',      context: {           create: true,           module: linkModule,
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Ryan Horton
We have a module where we have the quicksearch searching on two fields. One is a varchar the other is an integer. Is there a way to force the integer field to use $equals instead of $starts? The $starts generates a sql query using 'LIKE' instead of '=' which converts all the integers to strings and adds a lot of unnecessary overhead to the query.
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Matt Marum
What is the Sugar Metadata API? As you probably know, Sugar metadata encompasses the settings, data model (Vardefs), and visual layouts (Viewdefs) used by the Sugar application. The majority of changes made to Sugar using Sugar Studio, Module Builder, or even custom code are implemented by modifying metadata.   How can I know that the