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luuvanphong luuvanphong
Hi everyone, I'm using Sugar 7.6 Enterprise How can I customize login page? In detail, I want to replace background of login page with a big picture? How can I do that? Thanks in advance!

Form authentication failure Hi everyone, have you ever seen this: [Cross Site Request Forgery (XSFR) Attack Detected] ? This comes when you submit a form (think about a SaveConfig form in Admin page);  you'll get it if you haven't previously inserted into your form this snip: {sugar_csrf_form_token} See
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Burko Burko
Hi all! I am a newbie experiencing sugarcrm CE Version 6.5.20. I installed CE Teams module : It works well so far to assign one contact to one team for example. Now I need to assign several teams to one contact or account. Does anyone have a tip to do that? Thanks for any help! C.