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luuvanphong luuvanphong
Hi everyone, I'm using Sugar 7.6 Enterprise How can I customize login page? In detail, I want to replace background of login page with a big picture? How can I do that? Thanks in advance!

sidhu sidhu
Hi All,                  One of our crm users has used 3 g mobile internet and accessed the sugar but he is unable to get the login page. It only shows loading.               Can any one please suggest how can
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admin guy
Hello! I made a REST API call to DELETE a user and the deletion was successful.   1) Is there a way to undelete or restore the deleted user? 2) Are there any time limits before which the deleted user has to be restored? 3) If undelete is not possible, is there a way to transfer the user's data (like leads, opportunities, etc.,) to some
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Burko Burko
Hi all! I am a newbie experiencing sugarcrm CE Version 6.5.20. I installed CE Teams module : It works well so far to assign one contact to one team for example. Now I need to assign several teams to one contact or account. Does anyone have a tip to do that? Thanks for any help! C.