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Form authentication failure Hi everyone, have you ever seen this: [Cross Site Request Forgery (XSFR) Attack Detected] ? This comes when you submit a form (think about a SaveConfig form in Admin page);  you'll get it if you haven't previously inserted into your form this snip: {sugar_csrf_form_token} See

Henry Duganel
Hi everyone,   I'm working on the quote module of Sugar CRM 6.5. I made one php file where my new product list comes from a SAGE SQL database. I have <script> and <styles> tag in this file. An other php file is for an AJAX/JQUERY research from those products.    I'm in trouble because i don't know how to put
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Patricia Vazquez
Hi all I'm trying to upload an image to a field from a record. I'm using postman with the endpoints from SugarCRM. But I don't know how to do it and I don't see any example. The response that I obtain is {"error": "missing_parameter", "error_message": "Attachment is missing"} or { "error": "request_too_large", "error_message": "Invalid file
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Rodrigo Morchio
Hi,   I need to parse a field value in record and create view to only leave the numeric characters dynamically. I've modified both record and create.js capturing the change event on that field and then setting the value with this.model.set('field','value'). It works perfectly in record.js (the field value is changed as soon as I focus out of