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Yury Voloshin
The documentation section Manually Creating Custom Fields provides a good description of creating fields using the module loader, including dropdowns. But how can I do the same thing for dependent dropdowns, where I need to specify a parent dropdown and visibility in the $fields array?

Asaf Army
When saving a new lead and there is another lead with the same email, i get the Duplicate screen, with a table of the leads that have the same email. but the email column is not shown - only the first name, last name and title and the headline doesn't tell that the duplicate is an email , only that there are duplicates.   how can i show
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john Fieldsend
Hi all,   been busy learning lots about sugar and made masses of progress with moving from Salesforce to sugar CRM but just hit another snag and wanted to check if my login or understanding was correct.   We have two custom modules Holokote (holo_holokote) and Feature Keys (holo_featurekey), these should have a relation ship of one