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Michael Shaheen
With more and more customers utilizing SugarCloud products, I thought it would be a good idea to enumerate some basic best practices when developing for SugarCloud. As Sugar's cloud-based product line evolves, I will add more items to this list.   When developing for SugarCloud: Don't use custom code when configuration will do
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Jake Ashley
By default, when converting a lead to account, Sugar retains the assigned user associated with the original lead record, however if the lead is initially assigned to a group user of 'Sales', it would be helpful to have the lead record that is currently being converted to change the assigned user to the current user automatically, whether it's
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Jeff C
Is there any conduit software out there that will allow creation of an invoice in SugarCRM and then that invoice is exported to a Quickbooks Online account?  Seems like most integration is the other way around - I would guess because it gets tricky with not only syncing the products/services but also the account information.  Ideally