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Megan Sheehan
Hi everyone! I’m Megan Sheehan, business analyst and trainer at Technology Advisors, and proud Sugar Scholar at sugarcon 2018.   Lauren Schaefer (@Lauren_Schaefer) gave the first developer-focused presentation this year, “Dissecting Professor M for Best Practices,” and it was great! Lauren did an awesome job engaging

Hussain Nasir
Soon into your CRM adventures, you’ll realize it’s more of a bittersweet ride. There are numerous challenges that you need to overcome to ensure a smooth running of your CRM. But what if I told you there’s a certain CRM that can take care of all the hassle for you? Enter SugarCRM. SugarCRM can take care of all your CRM challenges
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Mark Willert
Hi,   as activity stream is a useful tool in SugarCRM 7, we saw that it could easily take more than 50% of the database size in productive instances. While this can be easily truncated from the database, this is not wanted by many customers.   We also can delete all the entries in the activities table before a fixed date, but this also
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We are looking to attach Tasks to opportunities.     A user will be able to see his outstanding tasks but we would like Sugar to be proactive and reminder the user that he has to complete a task on a given day.   I believe that by using the advanced workflow (using process designer / management / definitions) we could set