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Announcement 1 Known search issues affecting SugarCRM Community
Announcement:Known search issues affecting SugarCRM Community

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R Smit
Hello everyone, I'm trying to configure SugarCRM 6.5.26 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I've got the following installed on my server -Apache 2.4 -PHP v7 -MySQL 5.7.20 I'm using Webmin to manage these servers When trying to install my SugarCRM community edtion, the program shows the error in SugarCRM error.png This has something to do with my php.ini
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Alex Nassi
Sugar Test ToolsCertain Sugar Test Tools are only made available to existing Sugar Customers and Sugar Partners and their use is subject to the included Test Tools License.  You are required to have a Github account and to be a current Sugar Customer or SugarCRM Partner in order to have your request for access approved.  These tools are