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Announcement 1 Planned Maintenance to Login System - March 17th
Announcement:Planned Maintenance to Login System - March 17th

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Sarika Tandale
Hello,   I was looking for a strategy to migrate from Sugar On-Premise to Sugar On-Demand.  The version of Sugar currently in use is Sugar 6.5 Pro. I would like to move this instance on Sugar Cloud. Is there a way to do this without migrating the Sugar 6.5 to Sugar 7.x ?   Thank you for any suggestions!

Eskender Bilyalov
HELP PLZ. How add mail field to relate accounts. I add relate one to many with studio and can add field $dictionary["Part"]["fields"]["accounts_parts_1_phone_office"] = array ( 'name' => 'accounts_parts_1_phone_office', 'type' => 'relate', 'source' => 'non-db', 'vname' => 'Phone:', 'save' => true, 'id_name' =>