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Anna Stadnichenko
Systematicity is a necessary factor for business growth as it presupposes replicating, managing and continuous improvement of processes. Implementation of Business Processes Management (BPM) tools ensures systematicity so far as BPM tool leads a user along a defined in advance algorithm and collects data for managing and improving. But how can one
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Ajay Kumar
Hi Sugar community,   I tried bringing export.php and download.php to custom directory which is available in sugar root directory.I am able to copy root files bring these two files to custom.And i have added my logic there. And  I tried converting these two files into module loadable package and tried upload in on demand instance. I am
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Alex Nassi
We have officially released SugarCRM Mobile 5.0.1!   This latest release addresses bugs identified in prior releases. You can review more details about this update through the following release notes: SugarCRM Mobile for Android Release Notes 5.0.1 SugarCRM Mobile for iOS Release Notes 5.0.1   SugarCRM Mobile 5.0.1 is compatible with