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Eduardo Martínez
Hi everyone, I'm using Sugar Entreprise v8.0.0   I want to add fields on Massupdate, but the code that I used doesn't work, when I put my package the module appears loading and then doesn't change.   This is my code that I'm using for a field:     <?php

Andrew Rappaport
I am trying to add rows to the description field window in the edit view of the meetings module, and I am stumped as to where to do this. I have tried to edit editviewdefs.php for this module to add a displayParam, but it appears that the file is never linked, whether in ./custom/<module>/mtadata or ./<module./metadata.   Currently,
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Robert Sinclair
I'm a little bit confused. I know that sugarCRM no longer supports version 6.5 as of 2016, but there are still security patches being applied in 2017 as per:   Does this mean that no new functionalities will be added but security patches and bug fixes will still be