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Announcement 1 Announcing SugarClub - Are you in? 

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Grant Christensen
Sugar Professional 7.2.  I would like to have a custom date field in the opportunity "pipeline_updated_c" be set to today when the user changes the value of the "Sales_Stage" in the opportunity.  This will allow me to know when the sales stage was last updated for reporting. So for example on a new opportunity, I set the sales_stage to

SugarCRM Developers
Post originally written by Vadzim Ramanenka.   Sugar Performance Engineer Vadzim Ramanenka shares some tips for profiling Sugar code using our newly launched SugarCRM XHProf Viewer open source project.  Profiling Sugar softlyWhenever you encounter that something is not working as fast as you would like, you
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Julia Weinhold
Hi everyone, when testing Sugar 9, we (and also our Sugar partner) were very surprised to find that Sugar had implemented the service Pendo Analytics to analyze usage and user interaction with the system.   Why were we surprised? Because it was just communicated very poorly. After we had discovered the tool when testing Sugar 9.0.0, we
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Matt Marum
At SugarCRM, we have been accelerating the rate at which we share technology with the Sugar Developer community. Back in June at UnCon, we shared more open source code examples and tools than ever before. In April, we announced Sucrose Charts and the Sugar REST Harness. I am pleased to announce that we have open sourced three more projects under