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Announcement 1 Planned Maintenance to Login System - February 17th
Announcement:Planned Maintenance to Login System - February 17th

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Arthur  Harris
Hello,   I'm running SugarCRM community Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) the only instructions I see for SAML/ADFS configs are for 7.x versions. I don't have the "import idp metadata file" button with my community edition SAML
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Nigel Kerby
We have recently upgraded to on-site 7.9.2 Sugar Enterprise and Ive started testing the tags module.  I've pretty much got it working but for some reason, tags do not appear when I enter a tag word in the global search.     According to the documentation, any tag (up to 5) that matches what you are typing in the global search
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Clint Oram
I'm happy to share that there is now an Outlook plug-in for Mac users.  This plug-in is developed by one of our partners and does require the latest versions of both Outlook and Exchange, but it is getting very positive feedback from a variety of users.   I'd love to hear your feedback on it.   Cheers! Clint   Implicit