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Juned Rawoot
Hi All, There are couple of modules which we have renamed. E.g. (Lead to Prospect, Account to Client, QLI to RLI etc.) On the top menu all the renamed modules are shown correctly but we are facing an issue with the flex relate field. In the call module (Flex relate field), some of the old module names are still persists. Lead is shown as Prospect
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Kristen Dougherty
I have a process definition that creates a related record when a case is created with specific criteria. The case and the related record (Nonconformances)  have a field (Batch) which is a unique value. How can I modify the process definition to create the related record only if a record with the unique value has not already been created?
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Matt Marum
What steps should a partner or customer follow in order to on-board themselves or a colleague as a new Sugar Developer to ensure they have access to all necessary resources to do development?   Access to Sugar On-Site software downloads and mobile development tools is controlled using the Download Software permission. Read