SurveyRocket - The Complete Survey Solution for SugarCRM

Video created by Maulik Shah on May 2, 2018

    Meet Frank. He is a smart, clever, passionate and determined business person. Frank runs an online store. He is quite business savvy and understands the value of satisfied and repeat customers for his online store.


    So Frank has been using one of the most popular CRM tools, SugarCRM for quite some time now. His customers are happy and his business is growing steadily.


    One day, Frank realized that he is too much reliant on intuitive decision making and needs feedback from his customers and internal stakeholders for some of the important business and marketing decisions.


    Frank knows from experience that doing survey through phone calls or on ground activities are far too expensive. And online methods like emails or general surveys from a web page are not efficient methods of using existing customer data from his CRM system.


    After much frustration and many days of helplessness and inaction, during one of his online searches, Frank came across Survey Rocket, and he immediately knew this is what he wanted!


    Frank had a sneak peek into Survey Rocket and its features – Create, Design, Send & Analyze – and various other benefits it offers. Frank was finally going to conduct surveys just the way he wanted it and was really excited.


    He can now create multiple surveys using templates and send survey invitations easily to accounts, contacts, leads and other users. He can now conduct surveys faster and easier than before.


    Frank is now not solely dependent on his intuition and guesswork. He gets real time feedback from customers, whenever he wants. Frank is contended, relaxed, happy and having more cuppa coffee than before.