How to Make Sugar Contacts Data Update Easy, Quick and Intelligent [Webinar Replay]

Video created by Zlatyslava Topchyi on Jan 2, 2018

    Social media became a bonanza for B2B sales managers; they can learn everything about their prospects on the spot and get ready for communication efficiently. On the other hand, social surfing takes a lot of time. According to SalesTech Report 2017, 72% of sales professionals spend 30 minutes or more preparing for a meeting with a new prospect, while nearly half (49%) spend at least 45 minutes preparing. Is there a way to get of routine?

    We reveal this secret at our webinar “How to Make Sugar Contacts Data Update Easy, Quick and Intelligent”. It takes only 20 minutes and shows:

    • How to update and enrich contacts data with Hint in a click
    • How to process and share updated data automatically through CRM system in an intelligent way

    The approach helps every Sugar User to save at least 110 hours per year and allows getting rid of tedious manual work by means of Logic Builder.

    This Sugar webinar will be especially useful for:

    • B2B sales & marketing managers
    • B2B sales representatives
    • B2B inside sales
    • Sugar evangelists
    • Sugar admins
    • Sugar partners