How Salespeople Can Work in Sugar Faster and Easier [Webinar Replay]

Video created by Zlatyslava Topchyi on Dec 19, 2017

    One of the most important questions for every CRM user is “How can I save my time and make my everyday work in the CRM system easier and more efficient?” If you agree with that, it is worth seeing this 30 min webinar recording.

    The current use case is about day-to-day work of B2B Sales Manager:

    In this video, you will see how to move key business data at your fingertips and significantly improve efficiency of your daily work:

    • save 20-30 minutes every day and stay informed about all the most important changes in your Sugar database
    • save 50% of time when getting ready for every communication with a lead or customer
    • grasp in a few seconds what important changes happened in your portfolio of accounts/leads/opportunities
    • find “overlooked” customers or leads in a click
    • collaborate with colleagues more effectively and quickly using the context of the business event


    However, it is just an example. You can apply the approach shown to unlock full power of SugarCRM platform and create your own solution tailored for unique needs of your customers.

    Programming is not needed! Only regular Sugar and regular add-ons from Sugar Exchange are used.

    Every Sugar evangelist, SugarCRM partner and Sugar consultant will find new ideas on how to monetize knowledge of customer needs.


    Dear Colleagues, we would be grateful for your feedback and thoughts about the necessity to design new use cases and ideas for these use cases. We also will be glad to include your add-ons into common solution. Let me know if you have ideas or proposals. If you need any help or advice, you can rely on our help:

    Have successful Sugar-based projects!

    The team of Integros.