The Perfect Evaluation for the Customer Journey Plug-in

Video created by avinnakota Employee on Apr 13, 2017

    Hello Everyone,


    If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve begun a self-evaluation of the Customer Journey Plug-in. If you’re not one of those people, then congratulations on skipping that step. Please accept our free gift for an evaluation of the Customer Journey Plug-in, click here to redeem your prize!


    Kidding aside, this post is meant to serve as a central hub for how to make the most of your eval The video quickly skims through all the facets of the plug-in without going into the nitty gritty, though it is encouraged for everyone to explore the finer details themselves.


    Here is a checklist of what we believe are the most important items to a successful evaluation.


    • Installation/Setup
      • Download the module
      • Install the License Key
      • User access to plug-in
      • Add modules
      • Explore Existing Customer Journey Templates
    • Usage
      • Create a custom journey
      • Add journey to different modules
      • Advanced Workflow


    Additional Resources:


    Not Convinced?

    Please reach out to us or your SugarCRM Sales Rep if you are unsure of the Customer Journey Plug-in’s capabilities in your business or better yet please post a question and we can get to it immediately.


    Bon Voyage on your journeys!