Customer Journey Plug-in w/ Advanced Workflow Tutorial Part 2

Video created by avinnakota Employee on Apr 5, 2017

    Hello Everyone, 


    This is the second part of the series. Again I included all possibilities the Customer Journey can achieve via Advanced Workflow. 


    As a review they are:


    1. Auto-Create/Edit a Sugar Object (Task/Call/Meeting) based on a journey task action
    2. Auto-complete/start a journey through through updating a Sugar Object (ex: closing a case)
    3. Auto-load a journey into a newly created Sugar Object (Account, Opportunity, Contact, etc..)
    4. Auto-start/complete a journey task when a previous journey task is complete


    Hope this tutorial helps, and please leave any comments or questions. I'm happy to assist.


    If you haven't already please test out this tutorial in your eval here: Eval