Customer Journey Plug-in w/ Advanced Workflow Tutorial Part 1

Video created by avinnakota Employee on Apr 5, 2017

    Hello Everyone, 


    This a 2 part series on how to pair the Customer Journey Plug-in with Advanced Workflow. 


    I walk through wiring up a whole journey with different Advanced workflow capabilities, hence the video is quite long. You only need to watch a few minutes to get a sense of how to use the CJPI w/ AWF. 


    Some examples of use are:


    • Updating a Sugar object (creating/closing a case, updating a meeting/call, creating a note, etc..) can change a specific task on a journey (complete it by turning green, start it by turning blue, ignore it by turning orange.
    • Update the journey (mark a task as complete, start a task) can create/manipulate Sugar Objects. Ex: if i have a task saying "Open a case", by clicking the complete button, I can automatically create a related case to my account/opp
    • Automatically inject a journey when creating a new Sugar Object. Ex: Whenever I create a new account, the account automatically loads an "Account-onboarding" Journey.
    •  Completing a task on the journey can automatically start the next one up in the sequence.


    Hope you enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions.



    Also I encourage everyone to try it out themselves. Sign up for an evaluation here: Eval