Transforming relationships in an age of digital disruption

Video created by Vanesa Agullo on Mar 9, 2017
    "Your Customer Experience is the foundation of how your company and customers work together." Clint Oram, Co-Funder & CMO at SugarCRM


    Today’s customer expects immediate answers and instant gratification. You may have a fantastic product or service, but if you don’t put an outstanding customer experience at the center of your business, you will lose. 


    This means the most impactful digital transformation strategy for your business must be around transforming your customers’ experience with your company. In short: Make it easy. Make it awesome.


    I’m excited to share our interview with SugarCRM Co-Founder and CMO Clint Oram that took place during his visit to Spain last September. In this video Oram shares some of the latest challenges and trends in CRM industry as well as Sugar’s new market approach and digital transformation.