• Purge all customer data

    Hello...   We have a consultant that's wants a copy of our SugarCRM DB to help us with some customization/updating, however, my manager wants me to delete all customer data, so they cannot see any of our sensiti...
    Rob Morin
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  • HOW TO SEND Workflow Email WHEN Expected Closed Date Past 1 Day

    This request has come up again. I am on the latest version of on premise. Can anyone help?     I am trying to create a workflow and/or (business process author) for new and updated opps. where I need to ...
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  • Change Custom related Module field in Process Definition

    Hi,   we are trying to enhance the Task module with some custom fields to enrich the information for users and to set some fields in the Task on Approval / Reject from a SugarBPM process.   Therefore, we a...
    Kai Opitz
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  • Let’s Practically Apply Sugar Configuration over Code Development: Logis Solutions Case

    11/27/19 8:00 AM
    Building flowcharts by yourself is easy as pie!   Our special guest, Lars Aagesen, Compliance Manager for Logis Solutions, will share his experience of configuring Sugar with Logic Builder.   Why would I n...
    Zlatyslava Topchyi
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    Let’s Practically Apply Sugar Configuration over Code Development: Logis Solutions Case

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  • cron.php is taking 30 minutes to complete

    I have noticed that our jobs are running only after 30 minutes which is supposed to run every minute. While digging more, I can see that the cron.php file is taking too much time to execute. I have put the debug value...
    Gopu Krishnan
    created by Gopu Krishnan
  • Change the Sync to Mail Client checkbox to checked

    6 votes
    Is it possible to change the sync to mail client default check box to on or checked?  See attached image. 
    Kjo* Kjo*
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  • Trigger Process on Changed Field?

    I want to trigger a process based on a change of the Assigned To user. But Sugar does only allow me to check for a user's relationship within a given object.  BUT I just want to see if the field has changed, not...
    Kai Opitz
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  • v10 REST API Javascript

    Hello Everyone,   I am working on the SugarCRM 7.7 and I need help for V10 Rest Api. I have searched for it and found useful link on SugarCRM Suport as below.   https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/S...
    Stephen Fleming
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  • Adding tags to opportunites I don't own

    Hi,   I am trying to add tags to opportunities that I don't own so I can track them. I am not the overall opportunity owner or the line items; nor even a team member.   In SalesConnect you could add a tag...
    Scott Kimbleton
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  • Do Report Chart Dashlets update report Last Rn Time value?

    If a Saved Reports Chart Dashlet is used in a Dashboard is the Reports 'Last Run Time" filed updated when the Chart is refreshed or loaded in the Dashboard?  We are trying to clean-up unused, non-useful, old repo...
    Bud Conlin
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  • How do I create report with contacts and related account

    How do I create report with contacts and related account
    Emmanuel Boutboul
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  • adjust column width row and column report

    How do I adjust the column width on an row and column report? 
    Adam Ritchie
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  • Delete child entities record when we delete parent record from lead entity.

    we need to show confirmation box before deleting "Do you want to delete child record's too.!" with option "Yes" or "No", if user is willing to delete all child records as well. If user click "Yes", then only deletion ...
    Manisha narwade
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  • How to add tags using SugarBPM

    I'm trying to set up a SugarBPM process that will add a specific tag to a Task when the Related-To field is set to given values. I'm guessing that I need to use an Action that changes a field, but the list of fields i...
    Yury Voloshin
    created by Yury Voloshin
  • [2019-11-12, 7:39 PM UTC] Known Cloud Issues - Sugar Cloud US 11

    We have addressed an issue in our cloud environment where instances hosted on the Sugar Cloud US 11 stack may have experienced connection issues for up to 2 minutes. For information on identifying the stack ...
    Paul Farcas
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  • Email Template

    Good Morning We just upgraded to version 9.1. Some of our users make use of email templates a lot. They open emails to compose an email and then select the email template they want to use. It opens up within the co...
    Walda Viljoen
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  • (SmtpMailer.php:167 [6]) - Failed to connect to outbound SMTP Mail Server: An outgoing mail server is not configured to send emails.

    hi all,   this is a a bit strange, Assignment emails and notification emails work perfectly file whereas workflow emails doesnot work. if i try to send an email via process definition or auto reply it doesn...
    Kunal singh
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  • report only on first meeting scheduled against a lead

    Hi All,   This is a bit unique one, my team wants to report only on first meeting scheduled against a lead. all other meetings / followup meeting scheduled needs to be excluded from the report matrix summary. &#...
    Kunal singh
    created by Kunal singh
  • Global search by email address wrong results

    When searching by an email address in global search I get not only the matches for the exact email address but also partial matches, so if I am looking for someone with a Gmail address I will get any and all reference...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Online User Group: SugarConnect powered by Technology Advisors

    1/22/20 12:00 PM
    Technology Advisors, Inc. (TAI) is an advanced SugarCRM partner. SugarConnect -- Sugar's Outlook integration product -- synchronizes your email data with Sugar Sell, Serve, Enterprise, and Pro to allow the user to: &#...
    Danine Pontarelli
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    Online User Group: SugarConnect powered by Technology Advisors

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