• Total cost price of quote products

    We're running the latest version of SugarCRM Enterprise on the Sugar Cloud.   We're wondering if anyone knows the best way to create a field against a quote that calculates the total cost price of products withi...
    Nathan Morrison
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  • Workflow:send email pb with related Module

    Hello, I would like to send a custom email due to a specific name relative to a campaign and a contact.   So for example, I have two modules with a relationship Campaign form Contact   When I build my ra...
    Thomas Tallard
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  • Sugar Tasks duration

    9 votes
    Sugars Tasks are great and I use them all of the time, however the ability to have a view of a task duration on the calendar would be great.  Like calls and Meetings you can set a duration and and I know that Cal...
    lee Ingham
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  • Improve confidentiality in Customer Self Service Portal

    2 votes
    Sugar 9.2 has some very nice features and seems to be heading in the right direction.Customer Service and Software Support is one area where Sugar CRM and our company share common ground. We were very pleased to ...
    Greg Barrass
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  • MySQL and MariaDB Indexes

    SO I have Mysql and MariaDB running in two different boxes.  I know that MariaDB isnt supported but I refuse to believe this is something that mariaDB cant do.   Its just an Accounts Listview.   W...
    Kenneth Brill
    created by Kenneth Brill
  • Hard page breaks on printed invoice

    Sugar 8.0.2   We include terms and conditions at the end of our quotes.  How can we force a hard page break prior to printing our terms and conditions on the invoice?
    Blair Buxton
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  • How to load dropdown from database given team_id on Quote

    Sugar 8.0.2 We have a dropdown on the Quote page that would load values specific to the team on the quote.   We were using a custom hook that passed in the account_id and loaded the list from the database g...
    Blair Buxton
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  • Outlook Plugin management

    Hi    I'm an admin for a 400 seat on demand Sugar v9.0.1 instance. I'm doing some work with users about thier experience of the system.   When it came to the use of outlook plugin, most expressed they...
    john mckenzie
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  • How to create a document and attach it to a specific case

    Hi,   I'm trying to send a post request in order to create a document and then attach it to an existed case. I'm using postman to send a request, the setup looks like this: https://i.imgur.com/Imm1pF1.png ...
    viet nguyen
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  • Tutorial: Performing common code customizations on new Quotes module

    So, you’ve seen the new Quotes module and how awesome it is, but something is missing. Something personal… something custom. GOOD NEWS! In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to add customizations...
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  • Account ID converter - to a more user friendly Account ID 

    Current Account ID  is 36 characters but we are looking at converting this number into a more user friend number E.g 9 digit ID. Does Sugar have any functionality to execute this or can you recommend a softw...
    Andrea Finlay
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  • Lookup search filter for Specific module

    Hello All, I am working on SugarCRM 9.1 Enterprize.   I write a lookup search filter on Project module. And set it as default filter.   I want to show this for only some modules ex. Meetings, Calls, ...
    Kishor Mali
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  • [2019-12-06, 05:04 UTC] Known Cloud Issues - Sugar Cloud US 02

    We have addressed an issue in our cloud environment where instances hosted on the Sugar Cloud US 02 stack have experienced connection issues. For information on identifying the stack where your instance is h...
    Catalin Chertita
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  • Create a document and attach it to a specific case

    Hi,   I'm trying to create a document using REST API via Postman. Here is my setup: https://i.imgur.com/NEiFrmj.png. When I send the request, a new document was created, but it didn't include any attachment...
    viet nguyen
    created by viet nguyen
  • Sugar Mobile 14.1 Is Live

    Sugar Mobile 14.1 is now available for download on Android devices.   This release addresses an issue that affects the ability for users on Android devices running Chrome 78.0.3904....
    Rich Green
    created by Rich Green
  • Get ready for the Sugar Winter '20 releases!

    It's that time again! We have another quarterly webinar coming up where we will discuss all the big changes that Sugar Developers need to know about in our upcoming Winter '20 releases.   In addition to details ...
    Matt Marum
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  • ,Dynamic IP change Logout Issue Solution?

    Hi, I have internet connection with dynamic ip change. I am getting logout from sugarcrm admin panel as ip address change. I want to solution to fix this issue. Any idea?   Best Regards, Shahab https://hrm...
    Shahab Khan
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  • Reporting on Comment Log

    3 votes
    the comment log field is great, i love it and the customers do too, but........... you cant get it in reports   It would be great to be able to filter or report on comment log entries in order to extract and im...
    lee Ingham
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  • BPM:: IMPLEMENT Field does not change for a specified amount of time

    8 votes
    Field does not change for a specified amount of time. The old advanced workflow has this feature but still has not made it over to the new bpm. would be nice to have this introduced back into the new bpm. please vote ...
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  • Implement Ability to Report on Audit Logs

    76 votes
    We have a number of fields set up for "Auditing" and we can obviously see the old and new value changes by user and date. We would like to be able to pull a complete list for the changes made by a particular user ins...
    Bud Hartley
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