• Email validation is not working

    Email validation is not working. It is getting saved even if we are not giving anything after @. 
    Yashgeet Saluja
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  • Unable to sync with server.

    Hi,   I am getting below error when trying to login to Sugar instance: Unable to sync with server. A request is failing that makes the application unusable. Please contact technical support.   Could ...
    Manjeet Kaur
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  • Chaining ReadOnly and SetVisibility dependencies

    Hi I understand you can chain dependencies here: http://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Sugar_Developer/Sugar_Developer_Guide_7.9/Architecture/Sugar_Logic/Dependency_…  I'm using Sugar Enterprise 7.9....
    Andrew Gin
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  • create a support ticket

    How do I create a support ticket.We have an AUD pricebook which is not updating the NZ currency pricebook when quoting? not sure how to fix.
    Libby McDermott
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  • How to Build Custom Record Views in Sugar

    Note: This content was originally posted on Upsert's blog on October 31, 2019.   Have you ever wanted to create a custom route in Sugar that allows you to create, display, and edit a subset of a module's fields?...
    Jerry Clark
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  • Add the ability to use Relate Fields in sugar logic

    3 votes
    As it is today we can use fields from related modules in sugar logic (those related through relationships) but not a simple Relate Field. It would be nice to be able to use the relate field in sugar logic formulas ev...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Recalculate through import?

    Hi!   I have over 20000 records that needs to be recalculated.  Can I get Sugar to do that with an import? I have tried to export and import them all but it wasnt recalculated...
    Lena Andersson
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  • Add a link in an email template that will take users of a self-service process to the record where they can claim the process?

    I want to send users of a self-service process an email with link they can click on that will take them directly to the screen where they can claim the process.    Specifically, this process is kicked off w...
    Greg Billings
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  • Getting Started with SugarCRM Development

    New to Sugar Development? Sign up to receive the latest Sugar Developer news, webinars, and surveys straight to your e-mail inbox! Request Sugar Developer News!   Make sure you have followed the steps in On-...
    Alex Nassi
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  • How can I add custom button next to Save, Cancel on Account module and custom module?

    Hi Team,   Can some one suggest us the way to add custom button next to SAVE, CANCEL Any module and custom Module. Also please suggest how can we write some custom on the click of the button.   Regar...
    Parag Mittal
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  • Four Reasons Your Sugar CRM and Customer Support Community Go Hand in Hand

    Do you want to make customer support a better experience for your customers and save your organization money?   It may sound like searching for a needle in a haystack, but there are solutions in the world that f...
    Bobby Kaighn
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  • Create default Contact filter for specific Account in custom module

    I am trying to create a default filter for the related Contact record using the Account field related to the custom module. The Accounts and Contacts module have one-to-many relationships with my custom module. I have...
    Tony Lokey
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  • How to set dependency rules for multi select field or hide a tab and make required fields not required within the hidden tab?

    I have a case where I'm using javascript to determine if a panel or tab is visible or hidden. I have this successfully implemented but I have many required fields within each hidden tab that still pop up when I try to...
    Katie DelValle
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  • How to works mechanism of fetch deltas into app

    Eugene Bychkov, Matt Marum regards from Mexico.   I have a question, exists some diagram that explain the how to works mechanism of fetch deltas into app? Can you can share me this diagram or in this case expla...
    Sanchez Jorge Luis
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  • external cache db    what does it do

    Hello Community,    Using SugarCRM 9.01   - onsite    I am running into an issue of my database server filling up its temp file and then slowly filling up the HDD space causing Sugar to...
    David Matrai
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  • Automated email template based on survey answers

    Hi there, I would like to create a survey in sugarcrm. Survey will have 10 questions, each question will have different options. The responses from each user should save in to the sugarcrm database.  Once user ...
    Manjeet Kaur
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  • Is there a "correct" way to extend the Quick Repair feature or the Studio actions (create field for instance) ?

    Hello,   Is there a "correct" way to extend the Quick Repair feature or to extend the studio's field creation feature ?   The purpose of this request is to create additionnal custom files in the custom/ fo...
    Groupe Sugar
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  • Dropdown values

    Hi, I have a dropdown where I would like to remove old options and add new options. What will happen to the historical data in this case? Will SugarCRM database keep the old data even if I delete the options or will...
    Manjeet Kaur
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    What is the REST endpoint to get the REST API version for the given domain? I am able to get the sugar cloud version by using https://<domain>/sugar_version.json. I am just looking for an endpoint to ...
    Ramaraj Karuppusamy
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  • Group by reports and multienum fields

    8 votes
    Hello,   It should be interesting to change the way SugarCRM manages the multienum field as a grouping criteria in reporting.   For example, with the following example :   Record 1 - multienum field ...
    Groupe Sugar
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