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What should be the JWT Base64 Encoded Key while building Custom Adapter in Sugar Integrate?

Question asked by Poojitha Katram on Jul 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2020 by Poojitha Katram

Hi Everyone,


I am trying to build a custom adapter  in Sugar Integrate. I have selected the authentication type as jwtOauth for this we need to enter "JWT Base64 Encoded Key". I am bit confused with this what exactly it can be or how we need to generate it. I am working for one Integration with one system where we can get the Authorisation using api key and api name. I am able to get Token by using this parameters with my test script and also through Post Man. So I am wondering like what could be the JWT Base 64 Encoded key and Vendor's information to be entered in Parameters section while building an adapter?  I have attached screenshots to give an idea for what I am looking for. Any kind of suggestions will help me to move to forward. Could any one of you please suggest me as soon as you can. 


Thanks In Advance!!!