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Sugar Integrate: Platform as a resource PaaF

Question asked by Ashok naidu on Jun 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2020 by Michael Shaheen

Hello All,



I have created on procedure called "PaaF_SugarSales" (id: 37123) I have exported the JSON also in attached file. Now this procedure takes trigger data from sugar and add it in the sales.

I want to use this procedure in other procedure. I already made this procedure as PaaF and added resource name in the setting.

Now when try the API doc of this procedure with the JSON data It gives me error "only with the manual procedure we can execute". But in the manual procedure we need to set the data manually and it won't work as trigger which is required for this procedure. I tried this with manual trigger two but i do not know how to use this or call paaf procedure as i do not know which procedure step type i should use so that i can use pass resource url. Should it be adapter request ? or any other step type.

Then i created normal procedure and tried to use the sub-procedure and added Paaf_sugarsales id in the sub-procedure. But it did not work. I have attached all the error screens.