Record-Level Fields Not Seated Correctly 10.0

Discussion created by MissyBrooks on Jun 9, 2020

I'm sure this is due to the new field layout changes :/ but fields set on Record Views are not displaying correctly on the UI: as in different columns and out of order. Since this has happened in previous versions, I thought it would be a simple fix to just go and put them back in order - but they appear as correct within Studio, so I'm at a loss as how to fix. 


Users are having a difficult time because they now have fields they cannot see the full names of (many beginning the same because they are related), appear out of order, which I don't see a way to fix - and and they have tons of wasted space....so needless to say, many "unhappy campers." 

Any suggestions as to how to apply a work-around? thanks!



Sugar on-demand, 10.0 / ENT