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Split/Balance the tables on multiple databases

Question asked by frinaldi on Jun 8, 2020
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Dear all,


I want to know if there is a proper way to split Sugar database between 2 separated database : one for some confidential data (so 3 or 4 specifics tables) and keep the main sugar one for the other tables.


I know that this "option" exists for reporting purpose, but I want to know if someone got an idea for my expectations ?

For the moment, my "best" idea is to replace the corresponding tables as mySQL view (which allows most of standard SQL operation - create, update ) but it's really "ugly".


The idea to override the bean retrieve etc. seems to complex because we need to handle so many behaviors and contexts (global search, local search, all webservices etc.)


Any idea is welcome,



my favorite list of reviewers ;-) : Cédric Mourizard, Alex Nassi, Matt Marum, Francesca Shiekh, Angel Magana, Michael Shaheen, Jeff Bickart, Enrico Simonetti