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v10 How do I un-hide fields?

Question asked by Jeff Ward on Jun 1, 2020
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I am having a problem adding an iframe in v10. I can add the iframe through studio, but when I try to viw it in the record view, it shows up as  a button surrounded by a grey dashed line, with a + on the left side of the label.

This appears to be a new thing in v10 where they are hiding empty fields?

But the iframe shouldn't be hidden. And, when I click the button to expand, the grey dashed outline disappears, the + disappears, but the iframe doesn't show.

Can someone please point me where I need to look/what I need to do, to have this field always be displayed and expanded?


There are actually a lot of fields that now have this + thing that shouldn't be there because they should always be displayed, but I haven't been able to find anyway to get rid of them. 


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