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How to troubleshoot polling events

Question asked by Yury Voloshin on May 31, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2020 by Yury Voloshin

Hello All,


I've just started using Integrate and built my first attempt at an integration. The problem is that events don't seem to be working as expected.


I'm trying to create a process where the Account table in Sugar will be polled for newly modified or created accounts. If any such accounts are found, the field values for these accounts should be posted to ServiceNow. I created a Sugar adapter instance and a ServiceNow adapter instance. The Sugar adapter was configured for polling events with a 3 minute interval to check for accounts that were newly modified or created. The polling configuration is shown in the attached image and in the JSON below.

Sugar polling configuration


  "accounts": {
    "url": "/hubs/crm/accounts?where=date_modified>'${gmtDate:yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss+00:00}'&includeDeleted=true",
    "idField": "id",
    "datesConfiguration": {
      "updatedDateField": "date_modified",
      "updatedDateFormat": "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss+00:00",
      "updatedDateTimezone": "GMT",
      "createdDateField": "date_entered",
      "createdDateFormat": "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss+00:00",
      "createdDateTimezone": "GMT"


Then I created a Common Resource called Account that maps the Account tables in Sugar and in ServiceNow. After this I built a procedure template and a procedure instance while following the example "Add New Contact Created in One System to Another".

Here's what the procedure looks like:

Sugar to SNOW procedure
The problem is that I don't see any polling events. On the procedure page, when I click on "Try It Out", and then Trigger, I get a message "No Events Found". This happens after I created a new Sugar account, as well as modified an existing account, and a long enough time has passed that there should've been several polling events.


These are the questions that I have:


1) How can I tell whether the polling is taking place? Should the individual polls be visible in activities log?
Below is a screenshot of my activities with failed requests to  /instances/events.

Activity log with failed activities

These are the details of one of the failed requests:

  "request_status": "FAILED",
  "is_ce_mapped_resource": true,
  "user_name": "",
  "request_method": "GET",
  "process_time": 290,
  "traffic_id": "5ed3db8ee4b0caf6a53c064c",
  "vendor_process_time": 100,
  "company_external_id": "NA",
  "account_name": "Staging Default Account",
  "vendor_request_method": "POST",
  "traffic_date": "2020-05-31T16:30:07.560Z",
  "request_ip": "",
  "headers": "content-length: 0, referer:, origin:, x-b3-sampled: 1, x-consumer-id: 786db899-ff34-4047-8e3d-b80d081091e8, x-forwarded-port: 8000, source: Skeletor, x-istio-attributes: CjEKGGRlc3RpbmF0aW9uLnNlcnZpY2UubmFtZRIVEhNzdGcwLWFyZ29uYXRoLXByb3h5CisKHWRlc3RpbmF0aW9uLnNlcnZpY2UubmFtZXNwYWNlEgoSCGFyZ29uYXRoCk8KCnNvdXJjZS51aWQSQRI/a3ViZXJuZXRlczovL2lzdGlvLWluZ3Jlc3NnYXRld2F5LTU4ZDViNjQ4NjUtZmI4MncuaXN0aW8tc3lzdGVtCkwKGGRlc3RpbmF0aW9uLnNlcnZpY2UuaG9zdBIwEi5zdGcwLWFyZ29uYXRoLXByb3h5LmFyZ29uYXRoLnN2Yy5jbHVzdGVyLmxvY2FsCkoKF2Rlc3RpbmF0aW9uLnNlcnZpY2UudWlkEi8SLWlzdGlvOi8vYXJnb25hdGgvc2VydmljZXMvc3RnMC1hcmdvbmF0aC1wcm94eQ==, x-envoy-external-address:, x-forwarded-host:, x-envoy-peer-metadata-id: router~, content-type: application/json, x-envoy-decorator-operation: stg0-argonath-proxy.argonath.svc.cluster.local:443/*, x-request-id: 5d6fdc75-a788-96cc-9a63-e08e5432700f, x-forwarded-proto: http, cookie: glide_user_route=glide.3bedcff5e209903d6e8e6751b3b56655; _ga=GA1.2.2138053842.1590602080; AWSALB=U3L9F6lJOJztpen64mE4bvZqb3T3r2ulz54CO2MivgJAOuI+4QI0+YUTbgphGdVaZHawl3sZ4fq5Wgl4udb68+fqoikftRnn2B1vw40bx0zKFVPy4zXb7bzU5Hlx; AWSALBCORS=U3L9F6lJOJztpen64mE4bvZqb3T3r2ulz54CO2MivgJAOuI+4QI0+YUTbgphGdVaZHawl3sZ4fq5Wgl4udb68+fqoikftRnn2B1vw40bx0zKFVPy4zXb7bzU5Hlx; download_token_base=mjNX9PrvxpE15gbHfzL23cLiIEk3IMb_JEjNraAS4ShhaqIcdR8hOZiqqPA4utW3lBoWY4DekoYqiiftsyOa4DvqfWJNp8pD5y8PmpIgbjKSyM9NgfQ8DoDaiIZl_VEBjVvWtItsuPv4WlcbszlTwWmllJdELmz-YDgh-X8; UserUtils-Broadcast=false, x-real-ip:, x-b3-traceid: fd1ef50d7ccf006d454e6045e9e74b36, x-b3-spanid: 454e6045e9e74b36, x-envoy-peer-metadata:


WFjY291bnQKJwoNV09SS0xPQURfTkFNRRIWGhRpc3Rpby1pbmdyZXNzZ2F0ZXdheQ==, x-consumer-username:, x-consumer-custom-id: 18977:39359:49581",
  "company_id": 18977,
  "response_status": 404,
  "element_resource": "instances",
  "message": "No events found",
  "request_uri": "/elements/api-v2/instances/events",
  "account_id": 39359,
  "platform_process_time": 190,
  "user_id": 49581,
  "company_name": "Fidelus Technologies Staging",
  "element_api": "retrieveEvents",
  "company_external_name": "NA",
  "request_id": "5ed3db8ee4b0caf6a53c064c"


Is this one of the polling attempts by the Sugar instance? How can I find out why it failed?


2) What is considered an "event"? For polling events, is an event considered to be a single poll, or is an event considered to be a poll that finds records that satisfy the filter in the poll configuration? I have not been able to find this in the documentation.


3) In my Activity section, the Event Log in empty. I was expecting to find events that detected the new account and modified account in Sugar. What steps would you recommend to troubleshoot the events?