Damon Terry

Drill Down returns inconsistent results for users in different timezones

Discussion created by Damon Terry on May 29, 2020

Hi All


An issue we have found is that if you create a summation report with details and you group by "Day: Start Date" for example that when you drill down on any bar on a chart that you don't get the results you would expect.


When looking at the data returned below the chart, everything is correct.  When you hover over the bar you will see the correct count, as soon as you drill into a bar you don't see the correct data.


SugarCRM has a bug logged (#83091), I've also raised this as an issue multiple times for different customers.


From the report itself it's not a big deal because you have the correct data under the chart.  The issue we have is when you add the saved report as a dashlet for a user to work from on a dashboard.


If we take the example of Calls.  As a sales person I login to SugarCRM and see my calls bar chart.  It's separated by day and I can see my week of calls by day.  I can see how many calls I have to do today and how many I have tomorrow and so on.  I now drill in so I can see the calls and who the are related to and I get incorrect data or no results at all.  So now I have to go into the calls module and create a filter or run the report.  so instead of working from my calls dashboard (Which we highly encourage users to do), they now have to work from the calls list view or run a report.  So the dashboard is now rendered useless.  The best we can do is to group by Week or Month, but once you drill down you are not able to sort by start date, I've also raised this to support and is a bug.




Details under chart in report


Results from drilldown for the 02/06/2020


From what I understand the issue is the query behind the drill down click and when any timezone is selected for a user except UTC. It will take the difference and multiple this in minutes and throws out the results.


I find the issue very frustrating and wondered if anyone has noticed this or may have a workaround until the issue is fixed?