James Banbury

Standard Assignment Notification Link To Record no longer works on Mobile with Identity

Discussion created by James Banbury on May 28, 2020



Has anyone else come across this issue with Identity?

The standard assignment notification emails (typically the full URL to the record) used to open the Sugar mobile app. I guess it pinged the server, and that returned the sugarcrm://Accounts/1234567 URL where the phone then opens the app.

Now, with the customer instance on Identity, the URL is forcing a browser login. After a log in, it then works as expected. But only for a very limited time until it asks for the login again. It's really frustrated 2 of my customers.


I've tried building the deep-link into the old workflow manager, but TinyMCE is losing the href on save. So no luck there. Editing the standard notification emails to include the mobile deep link is custom dev only.

Does anyone have any ideas to work around this? (as changing the way Identity works won't be an option).

Thanks, James.