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Assigning account back to original user automatically with conditions

Question asked by Punit Desai on May 14, 2020
Latest reply on May 14, 2020 by Patrick McQueen



I am encountering a situation on the process definitions.


Details of Process Definition:


I would like to create a process where I can assign an account back to the original user whose name it was on. 


Let's say we have 2 users, User A and User B.


- User A was assigned to the Account initially.

- User B was later assigned to the Account and replaced User A.


The aim of this is that if there are...


1.) No Revenue Line Items for the account that are in the sales stage 'Pipeline' or 'Hot Pipeline' AND...

2.) No scheduled meeting that is on the account for the next 6 months. 


.... then assign Account from User B back to User A. 


Any guidance would be appreciated!