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Troubleshooting Cross-Site Forgery Messages / Token Problems

Question asked by Deniz Kilic on May 5, 2020
Latest reply on May 30, 2020 by Viktor Ranga

When trying to save / attach a document in the module itself or i.e. in the ticket modul using the document sub panel, users are getting sometimes the following Error Message



According to the research of our customer, this message is probably due to an old bug that affects tokens in SugarCRM.
For the old modules, different tokens are used for authentication than in the new modules. With such a message it is assumed that the token for the old modules is not renewed after expiration (reason unknown) and this then produces the error. Only by updating the module record the token is renewed afterwards (the exact procedure in Sugar is unknown). With the second attempt to upload the document a valid token exists and the attempt succeeds. We have the error also in other situations.

Is there a fix for this problem in SugarCRM?


Thank you!