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What's Best Way To Communicate With Building Material Industry Manufacturers?

Question asked by Vince Outlaw on Apr 29, 2020

We are a manufacturer of building materials (deck waterproofing and floor coating materials) and occasionally have questions about how others are configuring or using Sugar for their businesses...and even for those industries that are partners (e.g. architects) and customers (e.g construction companies, material applicators). Do others in this group have similar needs and are they using Sugar Community services to do this? 


For instance, we track construction project leads which we send to qualified construction material applicators, so have modified Sugar Leads and Opportunity modules to help with this tracking. We want to categorize these Leads and Opportunities in certain ways (e.g. which are affordable housing projects) and would like to know how others in the construction industry are doing this (e.g. Tags? Drop-Down / Multi-select Fields?) or what they've tried and failed at. 


Thanks for any thoughts on this...VO