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Comments in Activity Stream (custom module) are not appearing on Record View

Question asked by Katie DelValle on Apr 30, 2020



I have just enabled the activity stream on a custom module following the directions here: How can I enable Activity Streams for custom modules? This means I did: 

  • created a file here custom/Extension/modules/<module_name>/Ext/Vardefs/vardefs.ext.php with this line of code: 
    <?php    $dictionary['<Custom Module>']['activity_enabled']=true;  ?>
  • Then I created new folders to match this directory custom/Extension/modules/ActivityStream/Activities/Ext/Vardefs/vardefs.php and created a file with this code:  
    $dictionary['Activity']['fields']['avg06_Estimation_Form'] = array(    
        'name' => 'avg06_Estimation_Form_activities',
        'type' => 'link',
        'relationship' => 'avg06_Estimation_Form_activities',
        'vname' => 'LBL_NAMEavg06_Estimation_Form_activities',
        'module' => 'Activities',
        'bean_name' => 'Activity',
        'source' => 'non-db',


I'm don't actually know any coding language so I'm not sure if my issues are with the code or not. Once I had these files in place I did my repair/rebuild and I cleared the cache and ran another QRR. Just to be on the safe side.  Here are the results: 

  • The activity stream button is clickable!!   I can see the comments in the module activity stream view. 
  • I can leave a comment on an individual record, but the moment I hit submit the comment is not visible on the individual record. It's only visible on the entire module view -- not on the record.  (see my gif) I can create it but once I refresh it's gone. 



I've checked roles and I just can't figure out what's causing the comment to disappear on the record?


Also is there a favorite way to create notifications on these comments if I @Mention someone. I just realized there isn't an automatic email or notification to tell that mentioned person that their input is requested. 


Thanks for all the help!! It's appreciated.