Jeroen Somhorst


Discussion created by Jeroen Somhorst on Apr 29, 2020



I would like to know if there are best practices on when developing dashlets or other things in the sidecar framework. I find it rather time consuming. The way I work currently is create the javascript controller and after that create the handlebar templates. Everytime I Want to check if something is going as I would think I have to clean the cache/javascript/base directory, do a manual refresh and wait until sugar has done its roundtrip. 


I tried to use the developer mode but as we , hopefully, all know this makes the system overal terribly slow so its not a real option. For those who also make dashlets and such. What is the best approach? 


on a side note. Does anyone know if there are plans in the future to convert sidecar to something like reactjs or vuejs?