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Logic hook can't find link name of relation

Question asked by Yury Voloshin on Mar 28, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by Maryam Aslam

Hello All,


I'm looking for help with figuring out why a new logic hook works well on my local Sugar instance but does not work in the online instance. This is an after_save logic hook in the RevenueLineItems module that automatically creates/updates records in a custom module called BillingMilestones and then deletes unneeded BillingMilestone records. There is a one-to-many relationship between RevenueLineItems and BillingMilestones. There is also a one-to-many relationship between Opportunities and RevenueLineItems, and an after_save logic hook that updates RevenueLineItems with values from Opportunity on saving an Opportunity.

The new after_save hook that I'm working on is meant to create/update BillingMilestones on saving an Opportunity. This hook has several functions that create/update a BillingMilestone and one function that deletes unneeded BillingMilestones. The functions that create/update records work well. The problem occurs in the function that deletes unneeded records. The last two lines of this function are




Using $GLOBALS['log'] statements, I see that mark_deleted() runs successfully, but an error is thrown during the execution of the save() statement. In the system log, the error shown immediately after mark_deleted() is "Could not find link name of relation ' ' ". I know that it is thrown during and not after the execution of save() because the save() function returns an id of the saved record, but using $GLOBALS['log']->fatal($tBillingMilestone->save()) does not output an id. When this happens, Error 500 is thrown in the browser. Running "Rebuild Relationships" does not help. This function is enclosed in a try-catch clause, which does not catch any exceptions. As I mentioned above, this never happens in the Sugar instance on my local machine.
What are the possible reasons why this error would be thrown?