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Things my coworkers do...

Discussion created by Alex Nassi Employee on Mar 18, 2020
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Many people around the world are finding themselves in situations where they're suddenly working from home, or having new (2 or 4 legged) "coworkers" around the home-office. For those of us that work from home or suddenly are, what are some fun, funny, or quirky things your pets, kids, roommates, spouses, etc. are doing to throw you off of your normal work habits? 


A few stories that have come up from my fellow Sugar employees include:

  • My coworker is yelling at the vacuum cleaner about dinosaurs while trying to do a somersault over the arm of a loveseat.
  • My coworkers learned what a CD is yesterday and are now listening to kids classical music on the xbox because we don’t own anything else that plays CDs
  • My coworker worked for about 5 minutes. I paid her in Goldfish crackers. Now she's sleeping on the job.
    • Later: My coworker, who refused to talk to me for 2 hours after the Goldfish crackers were gone, decided during a teleconference with Lizzy that NOW was the time to discuss the matter of the lack of Goldfish crackers in the break room/within her reach.
  • My co executive just cooked the whole office bacon. It is now quiet and peaceful.
  • My coworker just asked me to review their village in Minecraft. I reminded him to please use my calendar to schedule a meeting.
  • My coworker needs milk, and can't lift the gallon jug out of the refrigerator without help. I guess it's hard when the milk jug is 30+% of your bodyweight...


Share yours below!