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Sync External IDs as Bigint?

Question asked by MissyBrooks on Mar 10, 2020
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We are a sugarondemand Enterprise customer (9.3) and are trying to implement a ZenDesk integration. To ensure ZD doesn't try to create an existing account, and to sync cases correctly, we wanted to add a Z'Desk ID field to the Accounts module. IDs are at least 12 char, but the Sugar Integer max size is 255, or 10 char (and there is no way to increase it). Additionally, the integrator we are having to use, Skyvia, will require the data types to match, so I can't do a work-around there. 


Surely we cannot be alone in this goal, so I'm hoping someone can offer some suggestions / alternatives: 

1. The user setting up Z'Desk found information that at some point you could modify an integer to be a bigint type - is this still a possibility? 


2. Is there a better way to cross-reference records when working with external ids and syncing two systems like in this case?


Thanks in advance!