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button schedule report is missing for some users

Question asked by Nick Maes on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2020 by Nick Maes

For some users the button schedule reports is missing. I checked but all the requirements are met.

Anybody got ideas what this can be?


Report Schedule Requirements

The Report Schedules module requires the following configurations:

  • User email settings : A personal outgoing email account must be configured by the user scheduling a report. For more information on setting up individual email accounts, please refer to the Emails documentation in the Application guide.
  • System mail server : The outgoing mail server for the Sugar system must be configured by an administrator. For more information on setting up the system email settings, please refer to the Email documentation in the Administration guide.
  • Scheduler activation : The Run Report Generation Scheduled Tasks scheduler must be activated by an administrator (default is inactive) and configured to run at proper intervals. For example, if the scheduler is set to trigger once per day and a user schedules a report to be delivered every hour, the report will only be delivered once each day due to the interval set in the scheduler. The administrator must change the interval for the scheduler to run at least every hour for the user's report to be delivered hourly. For more information on configuring schedulers, please refer to the Schedulers section of the System documentation.