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Use multiples connections (n) to sugar API with the same user at the same time

Question asked by Daniel Alexander Montoya Herrera on Feb 11, 2020

We are sugar partners and have a large implementation for sugar in terms of customization.



The customer sill have 17 integrations which some of them been bidirectional.



The customer will an integration bus in order to concentrate and administrate all integrations from their business application side to sugar and the other way. The thing is that they will use a web cloud service that will trigger multiples instances of that integration bus so they could be using a lot of multiples/simultaneous sessions at the same time with the same user.



I did suggest to change the platform id of any auth/token request to get the access_token but they claim that the way the instances of the integration bus are created they can't control that parameter so they need a way to use a lot of instances of the same user through the sugar API.


I just found this about a custom authentication method that could allow to have multiple connection with the same id without issues as they claim mobile platforms allow 2 connections for users and tables but I'm not sure if this will works on on sugarondemand and more importantly if it will be upgrade safe ondmenad.



They will be using the new flower of sugar serve + sell, so this is an ondemand deployment option only for now.



Please, let me know what do you thing about it.