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Configuring SugarCRM to use ElasticSearch with AWS Auth

Question asked by John Hoffmann on Feb 7, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by Michael Burling

After a bit of searching I didn't see this posted anywhere, and the official Sugar docs specify that the only allowed 'transport' values are 'http' or 'https'.


$sugar_config['full_text_engine']['Elastic'] = [
    'host' => '<host>',
    'port' => '9200',
    'transport' => 'AwsAuthV4',
    'aws_region' => '<region>', // Ex. us-east-1
    'aws_access_key_id' => '<key id>',
    'aws_secret_access_key' => '<access key>'


Verified to connect on Sugar Enterprise 8.0.x which ships with Elastica 6.0.1.