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SugarCRM CE and QuickBooks Online

Question asked by Shelby Adams on Jan 13, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2020 by Ashish Dwivedi

We currently have SugarCRM Community Edition (Version 5.5.1RC3 (Build 1197)).  (I'm aware that it's a very outdated setup but it's been working so we haven't changed anything.) Some data is exported from Sugar and QuickBooks Web Connector ( is then used to import the data into QuickBooks Pro 2012 (running on a Windows server).


We would like to upgrade to QuickBooks online but when I contacted the company who had set up Sugar CRM and Web Connector for us years ago, they are no longer in business.  The company that bought them out told me that Community Edition is no longer able to be developed and that we’d have to switch to Sugar CRM Professional, pay for a migration and then monthly fees.  Is that our only option?  Is there any developer available to alter Sugar CE to “feed” into QuickBooks online rather than sending invoices via QuickBooks Web Connector on our server?