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Create custom PDF Template which is generated while execution of report schedule

Question asked by Manisha narwade on Jan 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by Manisha narwade

Requirement: Show data table in received pdf template as same as shown into the run report view of UI


I have some requirement, which is not fulfill using default report schedule. So i have created custom scheduler, custom report scheduler. But the PDF is generated is displayed incorrect format of data. 

I have did below changes:

(Note: All files is copied from default file path and rename file name as well as class name)
1. create custom scheduler
2. create custom ReportSchedule file on
3. create custom save_scheduler file on
4. create custom view file on
5. create custom tpl file on

6. repair rebuild

7. Execute custom scheduler


I need help for changing PDF Template data table.

For more understanding purpose i have shared images below:

Image 1

Look at above image highlighted data. This data is displayed when run report from UI. 

And it displayed incorrect formatted data table on PDF Template which i got received from email as an attachment. below image shown more clarification

Image 2

I want to show same data table as shown on Image 1 into PDF Template after receiving template in email as an attachment.