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Filters broken in 9.0.2

Question asked by Nagy Zoltan on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2020 by Nagy Zoltan

Hello. I have a custom filter in place in Quotes. When you go and create or edit a quote, you have to select a billing account. Then if you want to select a billing contact, in the search drawer I apply this account ID filter, so only the contacts associated with the selected billing accounts will be displayed. The filter looks like this


'id' => 'filterContactsByAccountId',
'filter_definition' => array(
'account_id' => array(
'$equals' => ''
'editable' => true,
'is_template' => true,

The account ID is dynamically populated via the relate fields relate.js, that uses 2 functions: getFilterOptions and openSelectDrawer (something like that). Inside those 2 functions I trigger and populate the filter. THIS ALL WORKED WITHOUT ANY ISSUE until sugar version 9.0.0 included. I have upgraded to 9.0.2 and suddenly it stopped working, the filter file is no longer parsed/read, when the select drawer opens the GUID of the selected account ID is treated like account NAME (not account id). Have any of you encountered problems with custom filters after 9.0.2 upgrade? I HAVE contacted supported and they suggested I make a post in this community.


PS: I have attached relate.js for clarity