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Lookup search filter for Specific module

Question asked by Kishor Mali on Dec 6, 2019

Hello All,

I am working on SugarCRM 9.1 Enterprize.


I write a lookup search filter on Project module. And set it as default filter.


I want to show this for only some modules ex. Meetings, Calls, Tasks.

But it is showing for all lookup.


Path: custom\Extension\modules\Project\Ext\clients\base\filters\basic\customProjectFilter.php


$viewdefs['Project']['base']['filter']['basic']['filters'][] = array(
'id' => 'customMeetingProjectFilter',
'filter_definition' => array(
'some_field' => 1
'editable' => false,
'is_template' => false,


To make it default, I write this code.

Path: custom\Extension\modules\Project\Ext\clients\base\filters\default\default.php


$module_name = 'Project';
$viewdefs[$module_name]['base']['filter']['default'] = array(
'default_filter' => 'customMeetingProjectFilter',
'disabled' => true


I want to show it only for specific modules. Anyone having idea? Help highly appreciated.