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SugarCRM local instance giving 500 error

Question asked by Shantanu Agnihotri on Nov 26, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by Enrico Simonetti



I am trying to setup SugarCRM v9.2.0 on local. I am able to login to instance but after logging in, everything seems to be broken. When I try to access modules or admin page, the instance results in 500 internal server error.


Below are the specifications where instance is installed - 

OS -Ubuntu 18.04

Server - Apache v2.4

php - php v7.3

mysql - mysql v5.7

SugarCRM version - SugarCRM v9.2.0


I have given 777 permission to the folders. Also, there is nothing in sugarcrm.log and apache error log


Below screenshot shows it is trying to fetch but getting server error - 


error while loading Accounts


Please help..