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How to disable or unset an action button dynamically from the main dropdown menu on the record view ?

Question asked by Simo Hamzaoui on Nov 25, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2019 by Simo Hamzaoui

I am trying to disable the 'download-pdf' and 'email-pdf' buttons if the field 'pdf-disabled-c' is set to true.


I tired overriding the record view with creating the file \custom\modules\Quotes\clients\base\views\record\record.js:



    this.model.once('sync'function() {
      pdfDisabled = this.model.get('pdf_disabled_c');

      if (downloadPdf && emailPdf && pdfDisabled){
    }, this);   


The reason I used  this.model.once('sync'function()  is because when using on 'render' the value of 'pdf-disabled-c' is not present yet.   


This does work. BUT it produces a very weird error: 

The rows in the Quoted Line Items list get doubled. When I refresh the page it goes back to normal. This is obviously a very undesirable behaviour. When I delete \custom\modules\Quotes\clients\base\views\record\record.js this behaviour stops.


What I also tried and did not work was trying to unset  the buttons through \custom\Extension\modules\Quotes\Ext\clients\base\views\record\record.php


foreach ($viewdefs['Quotes']['base']['view']['record']['buttons'] as $i => $button) {
  if ($button['name'] == 'main_dropdown') {
    foreach ($button['buttons'] as $j => $btn) {
      if ($btn['name'] == 'download-pdf' || $btn['name'] == 'email-pdf') {


This does remove the two buttons, but I could not get the value at this stage through $bean->pdf-disabled-c to do that dynamically.


Any suggestions on how to approach this would be gladly appreciated.


Many Thanks