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htmleditable_tinymce field with sugar 9ent

Question asked by john Fieldsend on Nov 26, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2019 by john Fieldsend

hey all.


I need to either make the Mote description field WYSIWYG or create a new field that has a WYSIWG menu in the record view. I read field type htmleditable_tinymce  and tested this with a custom field. However with my install of sugar 9 ent i get the following console errors when trying to edit the record


logger.js:75 FATAL[2019-11-26 13:39:38]: Uncaught TypeError: self._htmleditor.on is not a function at http://mc.sugarcrm.localdev/cache/javascript/base/components_2480c0f520bd0b3ca30aa610b6d532b7.js on line 10849
components_2480c0f520bd0b3ca30aa610b6d532b7.js:10849 Uncaught TypeError: self._htmleditor.on is not a function
    at Editor.config.setup (components_2480c0f520bd0b3ca30aa610b6d532b7.js:10849)
    at Editor.execCallback (tiny_mce.js:1)
    at new Editor (tiny_mce.js:1)
    at HTMLTextAreaElement.<anonymous> (sugar_sidecar.min.js?v=FG1nUEbeeIzMsOrFt0xQUA:2780)
    at Function.each (eval at e.exports (addScript.js:9), <anonymous>:2:2573)
    at e.fn.init.each (eval at e.exports (addScript.js:9), <anonymous>:2:1240)
    at h (sugar_sidecar.min.js?v=FG1nUEbeeIzMsOrFt0xQUA:2780)
    at HTMLScriptElement.n.onload.n.onreadystatechange (sugar_sidecar.min.js?v=FG1nUEbeeIzMsOrFt0xQUA:2780)
config.setup @ components_2480c0f520bd0b3ca30aa610b6d532b7.js:10849
execCallback @ tiny_mce.js:1
Editor @ tiny_mce.js:1
(anonymous) @ sugar_sidecar.min.js?v=FG1nUEbeeIzMsOrFt0xQUA:2780
each @ VM2141:2
each @ VM2141:2
h @ sugar_sidecar.min.js?v=FG1nUEbeeIzMsOrFt0xQUA:2780
n.onload.n.onreadystatechange @ sugar_sidecar.min.js?v=FG1nUEbeeIzMsOrFt0xQUA:2780
load (async)
a.fn.tinymce @ sugar_sidecar.min.js?v=FG1nUEbeeIzMsOrFt0xQUA:2780
initTinyMCEEditor @ components_2480c0f520bd0b3ca30aa610b6d532b7.js:10872
_renderEdit @ components_2480c0f520bd0b3ca30aa610b6d532b7.js:10758
_render @ components_2480c0f520bd0b3ca30aa610b6d532b7.js:10683
render @ component.js:195
setMode @ field.js:760
setMode @ sugar_grp7.min.js?v=FG1nUEbeeIzMsOrFt0xQUA:163
(anonymous) @ sugar_sidecar.min.js?v=FG1nUEbeeIzMsOrFt0xQUA:2433
eval @ VM2144:5
setTimeout (async)
eval @ VM2144:5
eval @ VM2144:5
N @ VM2144:5
a @ VM2144:5
(anonymous) @ sugar_sidecar.min.js?v=FG1nUEbeeIzMsOrFt0xQUA:2433
eval @ VM2144:5
h.each.h.forEach @ VM2144:5
toggleFields @ sugar_sidecar.min.js?v=FG1nUEbeeIzMsOrFt0xQUA:2430
toggleEdit @ components_2480c0f520bd0b3ca30aa610b6d532b7.js:51255
editClicked @ components_2480c0f520bd0b3ca30aa610b6d532b7.js:51190
triggerEvents @ VM2145:371
triggerApi @ VM2145:356
eventsApi @ VM2145:155
Events.trigger @ VM2145:346
rowActionSelect @ components_2480c0f520bd0b3ca30aa610b6d532b7.js:17094
N @ VM2144:5
eval @ VM2144:5
eval @ VM2144:5
dispatch @ VM2141:2
y.handle @ VM2141:2

I just wandered if this solution was comparable with sugar ( as it was originally for sugar 7, also am i better making this change with a vardefs file rather than editing the records.php file


if anyone can help or has mad this edit in sugar 9 I would love to here from you