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cron.php is taking 30 minutes to complete

Question asked by Gopu Krishnan on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2020 by Rolustech Support

I have noticed that our jobs are running only after 30 minutes which is supposed to run every minute. While digging more, I can see that the cron.php file is taking too much time to execute. I have put the debug values in the cron.php file and found that the below entry is executing for almost half an hour and other tasks are completed very fast.


What could be the reason and how to troubleshoot ? I have already enabled the debug logs and can see multiple entries similar to the below one when the above function starts.

Thu Nov 15 11:46:52 2019 [354][1][DEBUG] MetaDataHelper: cache miss for 'mdmhelper_996e7abd5b7443fgc099e55d0255b_vardefs_Home'

What could be the issue ? I'm using Sugar(version 9.0.1)