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IdMLDAPAuthenticate - loginAuthenicate - custom actions

Question asked by swaldinger on Nov 6, 2019

Hi all, 

The login itself works.

I want to perform customised actions when a user logs in via LDAP, e.g. check if the user is in a specific AD Group do this, if in another AD group do that.


The file where I tried to start is the loginAuthenticate function of the class IdMLDAPAuthenticate  (sugarcrm/modules/Users/authentication/IdMLDAPAuthenticate/IdMLDAPAuthenticate.php)


I created a custom class where I overwrite the function - this function gets called and login works

class CustomIdMLDAPAuthenticate extends IdMLDAPAuthenticate { ... }



But I don't know how to get the infos from AD into this function without building a complete new LDAP request.


Can anyone help?

Best Regards