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Wich version of the sdk that sugarcrm uses for its application in the play store?

Question asked by Salvador Lopez on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2019 by Salvador Lopez

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what version of sdk is being used in the application that is in the play store?

I am currently developing an application with version 11.0.512-1.4.2-2 of sugar mobile sdk, from which it is possible to create quotes, the problem is that I want to create a new related record of Products but there is no option that I can allow , however, within the Sugarcrm application that is in the play store it is possible as seen in the following image



I think I should probably use a different version of the sdk to be able to create that new related record within a Quotes record. Does anyone know how to achieve that?


Than you in advance.


Best regards.

Salvador Lopez