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Language issue after upgrade

Question asked by Federico Ricci on Oct 10, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2019 by Federico Ricci

HI all. 
Recently I've upgraded company Sugarcrm PRO version to 
I used the upgrade wizard and followed the Sugar Professional 7.9 Installation and Upgrade Guide. I checked PHP version with all the settings and modules required, set up mysql version and PHP.INI config. I still using Elasticsearch 1.7.5 version. I checked folder and file permissions several times, and with these checks I performed the upgrade. 

With the Upgrade Wizard everything seems go well but when I tried to go to home page I found this issue: english language was corrupted showing hibrid labels. Standard modules are using italian labels and custom modules use english labels. If I choose the italian language pack, standard modules show english labels and custom modules show raw modules name (ie. scf_model_portfolios instead of Portafogli Modello that is the real programmatical name of the module used in Module Builder). I tried to clear manually the cache folder and do a QRR but nothing has changed. I tried to use Repair JSLanguages but nothing happened. 

Do you have any idea to solve this issue? Are there some best practices to follow when upgrading Sugar with customizations? Upgrade Wizard show some yellow advice for the logic hooks I set up in the system but also told that those modules should have work in Backward Compatibility mode.

Furthermore, after upgrading, Sugarcrm log show two error messages: 


[1792][1][ERROR] Unable to determine best appropriate link for relationship users_team
[1792][1][ERROR] Warning: Multiple links found for relationship users_team within module Users


I was not able to find any documentation about this error so I think It could be due to my customization but I don't know where to look at for corrections. 

I tried to use Repair roles and Repair Teams but with no luck.

Any help will be appreciated. 

Thank you all in advance.