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v10 API call for /Mail/attachment POST syntax

Question asked by Nicholas Dohmen on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2019 by Nicholas Dohmen

Francesca Shiekh directing this straight to you as I believe you could assist, but asking for anyone else in the community for assistance.


We are trying to use v10 API call for /Mail/attachment POST (i.e. {"email_attachment":"@\/path\/to\/ExampleDocument.txt"}) to essentially attach an attachment to an email record which has been (successfully) created against a case.


We have tried picking-up the file from a network (UNC) location that that service account that the sugarCRM IIS webserver's page is being run as has permissions to and we have tried from a OneDrive (for Business) location as well with no luck.

In all cases, we receive the quoted error below; we have confirmed with Postman that the API call sent is no malformed and we have tried using a CURL call as well to no avail.


As both Manipulating File Attachments BASH and PHP official documentation is no help, as it provides examples of the v11 way to accomplish this using Notes, can you ask the community if they can provide a working example on how to successfully send a request to the v10 API call for /Mail/attachment POST.


We are just unsure of what the @\/path\/to\/ExampleDocument.txt should actually look like for an example where the file is in \\fileserver\share\folder\filename.ext



  "error": "missing_parameter",

  "error_message": "Attachment is missing",



Any assistance would be most appreciated!


Thanks and kind regards,


Nicholas Dohmen