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Time to Resolution cases

Question asked by MissyBrooks on Sep 26, 2019
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We have been waiting for the opportunity to capture case duration. After upgrading to 9.1 on cloud, we found ourselves with the Resolution Date already in the Cases record view, so users began using it, up until case wouldn't close and the resulting error message referred to something like, "cannot be resolved before created." 


So now, we can capture duration, but the problem exists where users must create cases in real-time. For our needs, sometimes a case is created after the fact because it was a weekend call, they were onsite and an issue came up, too much going on - so the case was created later / solved later. 


Because the system timestamps the Date Created and uses that against the Resolution Date / time to establish the total time spent on the case, we are looking to make this work for us, while still maintaining a level of flexibility about delaying a case's creation, but accurately depicting its duration. 


 I did find this, but it will give the same problems (must create the case in real-time) 


We may be out of luck on this one, or just have to have some cases outside the norm. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!