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What is the Difference between Quoted Line Items and products in the product catalog?

Question asked by Katie DelValle on Sep 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by Megan Sheehan



I am working on a project to automate contract creation from Sugar via the opportunity with Revenue Line Items or the quote module.  Currently our Sugar instance doesn't utilize RLI so moving to the other opportunity module is going to be quite the project. I've been considering going the route of using quotes with listed products instead of RLI opportunities. Can someone help me understand the difference between the two versions? 


I understand that in the quotes module I can select products from the product catalog but why does the quote module call them quoted line items instead of just products? Is there a difference?  Will I be able to automatically create a new opportunity and quote when the term of the current agreement has passed? 


Thanks for all the great info! I've been searching for a couple of days to understand this and so far I am still left with a ton of questions.