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Are unique Form names and IDs supported for webtolead

Question asked by Bob Schumann on Sep 19, 2019

We have put custom WebToLead forms on our website and they are working fine. They are standard 1 form/page in the body.

We are trying to add in an overlay sidecar that has a GetSupport and GetQuote titles on the buttons, with a form that opens on click for each one. Our developer says that these forms must have unique name and id. We are passing in unique CampaignIDs, Assignedto IDs etc to each form so each lead is properly tracked and routed.


Can SugarCRM handle other form names / ids other than WebToLeadForm for an automated lead submission?

This is our page we are working on as an example:  Unity Scientific Innovative NIR and Wet Chemistry Solutions | Unity Scientific 


Thank you!