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Auto Populate values from relationship

Question asked by Ash on Sep 13, 2019

Is there any way to populate values from relationship which is created from studio

$dictionary['<SO_Module>']['fields']['<COF_relate_name>']['populate_list']['name']='<field_in_SO_module>'; //populate COF name to <field_in_SO_module

I have tried by create related field its working but from relationship vardef above code is not working

I have 2 modules i want a relationship between two modules. so i have created a custom relationship one to many  .

Ex: created a cof module added relationship to SO 

so when i select cof autopopulate the values from cof.  from custom relate field its working.but by using relate field there is no relationship between two modules.  so i want to populate values from relationship.


Can we do this or not if Yes How to do ??


Thanks for any help.