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Performance optimilization for relationships

Question asked by Jeroen Somhorst on Sep 4, 2019
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we are currently in the process of finding a solution for some performance issues we face when working with SugarCRM. On my local development environment I try to add tags to 100 accounts. I do this by first creating a specific amount of tags in the database using the beanfactory ($bean = BeanFactory::newBean('Tags') ... etc) and after that adding the tags to the account using the load_relationship -> add method. Just plain SugarCRM logic. 


This is an 'empty' default sugar 8.0.1 instance that I've constructed. What I see is that it takes almost 700 milliseconds to create a single tag and another 400 milliseconds for adding that tag to the relationship between accounts -> tags. I was wondering if there are any steps I can undertake to improve the performance. From my research I already found out that it isn't better to just add the id's to the relationship->add() method because the link2 class will first fetch the entire bean because of logichook functionality. 


Another approach I thought about was adding the relationship myself to the tag_bean_rel table but this is something I want to prevent at all times because this means talking directly to the database and ignoring any business logic. As said this is a default 801 install so the main question here is: Are there any settings or code that I can use to increase performance while adding new records to the database and relate these beans to another records? Is there some sort of bulk method?