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Trigger a Process for New Archived email

Question asked by Bud Hartley on Sep 2, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2019 by Bud Hartley

I'm working on a project to set the Team for email to match a sales territory (Team) when the Sales Rep for that territory Archives an email using the BCC to the Archive Email address.


I have a process that changes the Team from the default "Global" to the Territory Team when it is updated, and fortunately, I can do a mass update of emails changing the Team to Global which triggers the process and makes the change.


The "problem" I'm trying to fix is to catch the archived emails as they are saved...  I'd like to add the Start for "New Records" and I've tried a number of "conditions" but the process doesn't fire.


Has anyone tried to do this and had success?


P.S. We are in an On-Demand" environment an have no desire to introduce custom code in our Enterprise 9.1 installation.


Many Thanks.