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Reading NFC

Question asked by Brian Curran on Aug 26, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2019 by Matt Marum



I'm thinking of creating a new module to store NFC chip data. A subpanel would be available on the Accounts module, which we could use to add/edit/delete individual chips.



1) 1899345 = Office reception

2) 9834850 = Staff entrance

3) 7929488 = Boiler room

4) 1249089 = Car park


The four chips would be fixed to the actual building (belonging to the Account) and our security officers would 'read' each one as they patrolled the premises. We can do all of the above now by using the Android phone's built-in NFC reader and a Read/Write App but I would like to store the data within Sugar if possible.


Could the SDK read and store the NFC data, we would also like to store the date, time, gps coordinates etc. 


Many thanks